About ImageGear for .NET

Comprehensive .NET image processing library.

ImageGear for .NET integrates enterprise-class file viewing, annotation, conversion, and image processing functions to any application. The library supports more than 100 formats including images, DICOM, PDF, Microsoft Office files, and more. The ImageGear .NET document and imaging library includes a wide variety of features to help you build your application quickly. You can find the entire document imaging lifecycle, from scanning and document creation through printing, viewing, and archiving, in the ImageGear library's feature set.

A Powerful Image Processing Toolkit
The ImageGear developer toolkit allows you to quickly integrate document handling functions including image conversion, creation, editing, annotations, viewing, scanning, and printing to your .NET apps. Functions are provided that read and write over 100 different document and image file formats including JPG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, PDF, SVG, CAD (DWG, DGN, etc), Medical DICOM (DCM), and more.

The ImageGear toolkit also has integrated support for many document processing and image acquisition features such as OCR to PDF, OCR to Word, OCR for indexing, file compression, document image cleanup, image processing, printing, and scanning.

Image Processing Algorithms
All the image processing functions you could ever need, all in one image processing library. Effortlessly control and distribute the exact functionality your .NET application needs. Source code samples and documentation snippets are available in both C# and VB.NET for your convenience to help you integrate complex imaging operations into your software.

Supports PDF, Vector, Microsoft Office, and Images
View, convert, and edit more than 100 image file types including TIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PDF, Microsoft Office (MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), CAD, DICOM, HD Photo, Camera RAW, and many more document and image formats.

Compress and Optimize
Use ImageGear for .NET image processing library to compress and decompress images using with the best compression techniques in the industry including lossy, lossless, and progressive JPEG, JPEG 2000, CCITT, CCITT G3, CCITT G4, LZW, RLE, RAW, Packbits, and many others.

Image Capture, Scanning, and OCR
Add document scanning, printing, and processing directly into your application. Also, use our embedded OCR processing capabilities to extract text from images and export to text, PDF, or Word. The .NET imaging library offers a comprehensive OCR component that includes support for over 100 languages. It can also fully integrate with any pre-processing cleanup technique available in ImageGear.

Image Viewers and Display (HTML5 Viewer)
Create a true zero footprint file viewer capable of handling over 100 file formats including PDF, Word, Medical DICOM, just to mention a few. The easy-to-use controls allow .NET developers to create web-based and mobile applications for document and image viewing, management, and processing using ImageGear’s ASP.NET HTML5 functionality.