About Indicator Columns Bundle

Easily manage and categorize your SharePoint list items.

Indicator Columns Bundle includes, KPI Column (define and measure progress toward predefined goals), Category Column (tracking, organizing and grouping of SharePoint list items), Follow-Up Column (enables due date flags similar to those seen in Microsoft Outlook to be added to SharePoint messages) and Progress Column (display numerical data using a percentage-based progress bar).

KPI Column Features

  • Display an indicator for each individual item in the list, using standard Microsoft SharePoint calculated formulas.
  • Calculate values by using data from an associated SharePoint list.
  • Column customization.
  • Predefined set of site columns (KPI Issue Status, KPI Priority, KPI Task Status, KPI % Complete).
  • AJAX support enabled.
  • Language pack support.

Category Column Features

  • Track list and task items according to associated colors.
  • Professional indicator's look and feel.   
  • Customizable tooltips.
  • Ability to show other column data in the tooltip.    
  • Standard and custom indicator colors.    
  • Customizable icon size.    
  • Filter and sort items according to column headers.    
  • Support datasheet views, including edit mode.
  • Convert ArtfulBits Category Column and standard SharePoint Choice column.
  • Language pack support.

Follow-Up Column Features

  • Set due date flag from a predefined list (Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week or Custom).
  • Follow-up visualization using combinations of flag, text and date.   
  • Support for sorting and filtering.
  • Support for different calendars (Gregorian, Japanese Emperor Era, Korean Tangun Era and Hijri).
  • Supports datasheet views.
  • Convert ArtfulBits Follow-Up and standard Microsoft SharePoint Date and Time columns.

Progress Column Feature List

  • Visualize percentage data using a graphical progress bar.
  • Calculated value support (calculation based on other list columns). 
  • Professional progress bar look and feel.   
  • Look and feel customization.
  • Elegant way to show percentage values above 100%.    
  • Support datasheet views, including edit mode    
  • Convert between ArtfulBits Progress Column and standard SharePoint percentage Numeric columns.