About CodeAssist

Speed development time by eliminating repetitive, tedious and time consuming steps from the hands-on part of the code development process.

CodeAssist employs breakthrough, template driven technology to help developers create sophisticated data access routines, faster, more efficiently and more economically than ever before. With CodeAssist developers can produce robust, modifiable Visual Basic, HTML or SQL code. Infragistics CodeAssist was formerly called Sheridan CodeAssist.

  • CodeAssist allows developers to generate code based on multiple tables or existing QueryDefs and stored procedures. It can even generate SQL code to create stored procedures
  • User-customizable Code Templates allow developers to generate code based on their exact needs and style. The code generated is the same as if the developer wrote it the old way; it is simply accomplished faster and more efficiently
  • Users can modify or customize the pre-built templates to meet their exact requirements or create and save their own templates as needed
  • More than 100 templates ship with CodeAssist including RDO, DAO and ADO as well as HTML and SQL
  • One Button Code Generation reduces learning curve so developers can quickly generate code for their applications.
  • Creates, stores and modifies Data Objects that can be re-used to generate different types of code
  • Database Browser permits viewing of all details of a database without using outside programs including simultaneous browsing of different types of databases. View all objects including tables, fields, indexes, QueryDefs, rules, defaults, triggers and views
  • Drag and Drop Interface allows easy creation of Data Objects by dragging and dropping from the Database Browser.
  • Groups both related templates and related Data Objects into respective libraries, organizing them logically and making them easier to use and reuse. Multiple libraries can be used simultaneously
  • Workspaces allow developers to group a number of Data Object Libraries, Template Libraries and Database connections so that they can be opened simultaneously
  • Code Assist allows developers to work the way they want to work by offering choice of sending the generated code to a CodeAssist window, the Windows clipboard or directly into files
  • Allows developers to create code as quickly as possible by generating code directly from the Database Browser without creating a Data Object first
  • Smart Fields allow developers to create Code Templates quickly