About Infragistics Windows Forms Test Automation for IBM

Enable automated testing of the presentation layer using IBM Rational Functional Tester.

Infragistics Test Automation WinForms for IBM is a collection of custom libraries built using IBM Rational Functional Tester extensibility. It enables automated testing of the presentation layer, allowing testers to fully regression test Windows Forms applications with user interfaces developed using Infragistics Professional/Ultimate for Windows Forms controls.

Experience fully automated testing of Infragistics Professional/Ultimate Windows Forms. Infragistics offers a collection of custom proxies specifically for IBM Rational Functional Tester to automate testing of user interfaces developed with the Infragistics Professional/Ultimate Windows Forms control toolset.

IBM Rational Functional Tester provides automated testing for applications. Infragistics Test Automation adds its knowledge of the Infragistics Professional/Ultimate Windows Forms component object models to the capabilities of IBM Rational Functional Tester, enabling greater testing for .NET applications with user interfaces powered by the Windows Forms control toolset.

The combination of Infragistics Test Automation with IBM Rational Functional Tester empowers your teams to rapidly build a full suite of regression tests by quickly recording tests and replaying them with ease. With this tight integration, testers can also directly access the Windows Forms component object model and provide data-driven tests that target the advanced usage scenarios of the application. Quality assurance teams can now deploy higher-quality Windows Forms applications faster, cheaper, and with less risk. Empower your development teams to extend best practices in your application development lifecycle to the user interface so you can experience the benefits of improved productivity and profitability from your application.

Infragistics Windows Forms Test Automation for IBM supports all of Infragistics Windows Forms controls.