About JetBrains Academy for Organizations

Learn to program by creating working applications.

JetBrains Academy for Organizations helps you learn by doing. Try a holistic approach to learning in which you study the theory and immediately put it into practice by building working applications. Dive into Java, Python, and other programming languages in a project-based learning environment that is integrated with JetBrains IDEs.

JetBrains Academy for Organizations Features

  • Take a project-based approach to learning - With project-based learning, you can study programming theory and apply your knowledge by creating real, working applications, one step at a time.
  • Get a personalized study plan - Your study plan contains all the activities you need to reach your learning goal. Tailored to your skills, it will keep you on track and focused. The study plan is divided into several stages of increasing complexity, allowing you to gradually expand your knowledge without getting overwhelmed.
  • Expand your knowledge step by step - JetBrains Academy carefully organizes your learning journey. For each stage, it presents topics that are relevant to your level of proficiency and to the implementation of your current project stage.
  • Put your learning into practice - Reinforce your newly acquired knowledge by applying it in practice. With step-by-step guidance, you will write fully functional applications, such as a chatbot, file encryption program, or code-sharing platform, and get real-life development experience.
  • Get feedback right away - Once you submit your code, it gets tested instantly. If you ever get stuck with your code you will never be left abandoned. There is an entire community of people you can reach out to for support and encouragement and who are happy to share their experience with you.
  • Publish your project on GitHub - Your GitHub portfolio is the best CV you can have as a developer. Complete projects to strengthen your profile and share your results with a community of over 50 million developers.

Choose your learning track - Select the track you want to follow and JetBrains Academy for Organizations will help you complete your learning journey, one step at a time.

  • Java Developer
  • Python Developer
  • Kotlin Developer
  • Python For Beginners
  • Javascript Frontend Developer