About Jspreadsheet Pro

Advanced JavaScript Datagrid with Spreadsheet controls.

Jspreadsheet is a front-end component with over 400 Excel-like implemented formulas. Compatible with React, Angular, Vue, and JavaScript it helps developers create professional applications with spreadsheet controls. It allows you to handle millions of database records in milliseconds. Jspreadsheet enables you to integrate your spreadsheet with other plugins to create rich applications and choose different methods, events, and features to help with the backend data persistence.

Jspreadsheet is a comprehensive, lightweight JavaScript library designed to develop web-based data grids with advanced spreadsheet-like controls. It offers an array of functionalities that emulate the features found in Excel,accommodating a broad range of applications, from basic data entry tasks to sophisticated data manipulation and analysis.

  • Features: cross worksheets, filtering, export to xlsx, import from xlsx, data binding, persistence, search, validations, comments, charts, form, freeze columns, freeze rows.
  • Compatibility: React, Angular, Vue, JavaScript, TypeScript.
  • Privacy: Jspreadsheet is a frontend tool; for this reason it does not have access to process or store your data. All data is managed offline on the client side.
  • Lightweight: Just 0.3 Mb. Jspreadsheet is designed to be lean and efficient, making it a breeze to integrate into your application.
Features Standard Enterprise Ultimate
Copy and Paste      
Cell comments      
Cell Merge      
Nested Headers      
Rows and Columns Grouping      
Manual Freeze Control      
Spreadsheet-like Formulas Basic Extended Extended
Cross Worksheet Calculations      
Formula Picker      
Defined Names      
Certificate API      
Search and Replace      
CSV Importer      
Spreadsheet Comments      
Charts Integration      
Spreadsheet to HTML form      
Export to XLSX      
Import from XLSX      
Advanced Search      
Export to PDF      
Import from Google Sheets