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Please note: As of 12th October 2009 JUDE/Professional has been renamed to astah* professional and updated to V6. To purchase the latest version please go to the Astah Professional page.


JUDE includes basic features to make modeling simple and user friendly. JUDE is suitable for business use, large-sized models and document creation. JUDE includes enriched features, such as the ability to change your view freely using a Map View, unlimited undo/redo, the ability to output project information in CSV, diagram creation guidance and more. JUDE supports the basic UML 1.4 diagrams including: UseCase, Sequence, Collaboration, Statechart, Activity and Class (Object/Package/Robustness).

JUDE/Professional is the product version of JUDE with all the features of JUDE/Community plus additional enhancements. It has enriched features, such as input-output and diagram creation guidance. It is suitable for business use, large-sized models, and document creation.

Special Features of JUDE/Professional

  • Merge JUDE Projects
  • UseCase Descriptions
  • UseCase Description Templates
  • Generate Class Diagrams positioning one Class in the center
  • Add Dependent Classes to a diagram
  • Model Input-Output...
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