Business process UML modeling tool.

Published by Change Vision
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2005


Please note: As of 12th October 2009 JUDE/Professional has been renamed to astah* professional and updated to V6. To purchase the latest version please go to the Astah Professional page.

JUDE/Professional Licensing

Machine Non-specific License: The Machine Non-specific License is a machine-free license restricted to a given user. It is not restricted to a single machine, but can only be used by a specified user. A maximum of 5 machines can be set per License. This list of machines can be freely added to and deleted from.
The Machine Non-specific License includes an unlimited operation period and one-year of support.

Support Renewal License: 1 Support Renewal License gives 1 year support from former license's support expiration date.During the support period, customers can receive software updates and Q&A support. After support expires, customers can continue to use the product, but cannot update to the new versions.
Support Renewal License applies for User License. To extend the Timed License, please purchase another Timed License.

Machine Specific License: The Machine Specific License is a "machine-specified node license". It allows any user to use JUDE, but only on a specified machine. Only one machine can be specified per License.
The Machine Specific License is a a machine-fixed license that limits both the operation period and the support period (to 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months). It is not possible to renew the support period . Please purchase a new Machine Specific License if you would like to extend the operational period.
Please be aware that JUDE cannot be used after the operation period expires.

Academic License: Academic Users only. Not for commerical or for profit use. Please note that before you can download your order your academic status needs to be verified and a unique license generated for you.

Faculty Site License: JUDE/Professional Faculty Site License is a special offer for educational institutions. In order to purchase the Faculty Site License, you need to fill out the application form and send us a copy of documentations which prove your current academic status such as your educational license certificate, your ID in your educational institution, and any documentations which verifies that you are in educational institution.

Please Note: As of 19th October 2009 if you have purchased JUDE/Professional you will be entitled to use astah* Professional V6.0 provided you are within your support period.