Kendo UI R2 2022

Released: May 11, 2022

Updates in R2 2022


  • DropDownList
    • Changed DropDownList role attribute to be a 'combobox'.
  • Grid
    • Exposed conditional 'drag to select' option.


  • Common
    • Fix AMD path for SystemJS.
  • Breadcrumb
    • Add aria-disabled attribute to BreadCrumb disabled items.
  • Button
    • Button has incorrect active/selected state classes.
  • DropDownTree
    • Error is thrown when using setOptions for checkboxes in DropDownTree.
  • Editor
    • Editor wrapping new paragraphs in span tags.
    • Pasted table gets incorrect layout after formatting.
  • Gantt
    • Incorrect value is returned for e.task.end in the save event in Gantt.
  • Grid
    • Grid Group Paging and Filter Checkboxes aren't compatible.
    • Filter icon not showing on all grids when one of the grids is sortable.
    • Incorrect query when Search panel is used with Grid's GroupPaging.
    • Sorting grid on infinite scroll.
  • ListView
    • Cancel changes removes 'k-listview-item' class from the item.
    • Listview item's actions can't be executed with keyboard.
  • NumericTextBox
    • NumericTextBox cannot be initialized when element with id options is present on the page.
  • PDFViewer
    • In PDFViewer, using the execute method to change the PDF width does not update the ComboBox.
  • Switch
    • Add aria-hidden to the currently hidden label k-switch-label-on or k-switch-label-off.
  • ToolBar
    • SplitButton toggle function within ToolBar has no effect.