LEADTOOLS Multimedia is specifically designed for the development of audio/video applications across a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, defense, broadcast, and security. The Multimedia SDK offers developers a full range of technologies that turn normally complex DirectShow and Media Foundation projects into simple tasks. The integration of core multimedia functionality, such as playback, capture, conversion, and processing into applications, is easier than ever before with LEADTOOLS Multimedia.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia is the base product and starting point for developers creating powerful multimedia applications based on DirectShow and Media Foundation with the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Family. Additional features, filters and codecs are available in more advanced LEADTOOLS multimedia products.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Includes:

  • Playback, Conversion, and Capture
    • Playback.
    • Conversion.
    • Capture.
    • DVR*.
    • Distributed Transcoding*.
    • DirectShow.
    • Media Foundation.
    • DVD Authoring*.
    • DVD Playback and Conversion...

Latest News

LEADTOOLS adds Python support
LEADTOOLS adds Python support
July 18, 2023New Version
Python developers can now utilize LEADTOOLS technologies including Recognition, Multimedia and Imaging.
LEADTOOLS announce ComponentSource as the only distributor for Japanese products.
LEADTOOLS announce ComponentSource as the only distributor for Japanese products.
October 28, 2022News Alert
Delivering the latest versions of LEADTOOLS to Japanese developers.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK v22
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK v22
September 27, 2021New Version
Adds the ability to automatically rotate video captures from a rotated phone.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK v21
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK v21
August 28, 2020New Version
Includes a new live audio processor to detect and fill dropped audio samples, plus new codecs and filters.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK V20 (August 2019 Update)
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK V20 (August 2019 Update)
August 30, 2019New Version
Adds support for loading, capturing and converting the latest media file formats.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK V20 (December 2018 Update)
LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK V20 (December 2018 Update)
December 7, 2018New Version
Improves capture device support.

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Anonymous5 star
I used their Multimedia toolkit in my development of our own conference application. Since I was new to multimedia arena, I found a hard time at first in understanding some of the requirements I'm... Read more

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