List & Label Professional Reporting Edition Releases

Released: Feb 1, 2023

Updates in 28.001


  • Web Components
    • Web Report Designer: Added support for export options.
    • Web Report Designer: Alpha Feature: Bar Charts are now supported.
    • Web Report Viewer: The setter of WebReportViewerSessionOptions.ReportParameterDateFormatCulture will now throw an ArgumentNullException or CultureNotFoundException if no value was supplied or the set culture is invalid.
  • .NET
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Integration: The Reporting Wizard and the Package can now also be called within a C# WPF application.
    • The...

Released: Oct 21, 2022

Updates in 28


Web and Cloud
Web Report Designer with New Design Options.

  • Designer objects: Take advantage of new objects for your report templates such as gauges, data graphics, checkboxes and PDF files.
  • Charts: Create pie charts intuitively with just a few clicks. Further chart types will be added successively.
  • Repository: Add structure and clarity to the content of your repository. Folder structures are supported automatically without the need for changes to existing implementations.
  • Table editor...

Released: Aug 4, 2022

Updates in 27.004


  • New Features
    • Components
      • VCL: Added support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.1 (BDE and FireDAC).
    • Print
      • As "MS Sans Serif" is a raster font and causes problems with the PDF export, the font is now replaced in the RTF stream with "Microsoft Sans Serif", looking the same, but scaling correctly.
  • Improvements
    • .NET
      • Improved schema detection and field type handling for SchemaAwareJsonDataProvider.
    • Designer
      • Non-existent 'project includes' used to show up using empty entries in the configuration...

Released: May 5, 2022

Updates in 27.003


  • New Features
    • Components
      • Added new “Printerless” property to OCX control.
    • Print
      • Added a new LL_OPTION_RTF_SHARE_OBJECTS_THRESHOLD option which limits the number of RTF controls to be used exclusively. Once the number of RTF objects surpasses this value, shared RTF objects are used to limit resources needed.
    • Web Components
      • Web Report Designer
        • Added a new table editor to easily create and modify tables in report containers. You can drag and drop fields to create and move them and adjust...

Released: Feb 15, 2022

Updates in 27.002


  • New Features
    • .NET
      • Report Wizard now supports additional file-based providers, the following formats can be used: json, csv, xls, xlsx, txt and xml.
      • DOM bar chart, Z-axes can now be edited / added.
    • Components
      • Alaska Xbase++ dsListLabel, support of SQLExpress, an add-on library for native ODBC integration.
      • VCL FireDAC now supports the following new classes, TLlDesignerObject27, TLDesignerFunction27, TlDesignerAction27 and TLlExprEvaluator.
    • Designer
      • The drag & drop interface for charts...

Released: Oct 21, 2021

Updates in 27.000


New Features*

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft .NET 6.
  • New browser-based designer ("Web Report Designer"). The .NET 4.0 C# MVC web reporting sample is adapted so that both designers (client- and browser-based) can be used in parallel.
  • New Web Report Viewer, this offers the same functionality as the previous HTML5 viewer, but is based on new technology and - like the Designer - is available as a WebComponent.
  • Support for systems without printer...

Released: Aug 3, 2021

Updates in 26 Service Pack 26.004


New Features


  • DrawObjectEventArgs has a new member “ObjFinished”, possibility to force a page break e.g. in the text object.


  • Convenient possibility to set export options directly in the List & Label instance.
  • Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.2 (BDE & FireDAC).

Report Server (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Multiple instances of the Report Server are now supported by manually adding AppPools with specific InstanceIdentifier in privateSettings.config.
  • Added...

Released: Apr 26, 2021

Updates in 26 Service Pack 26.002


New Features


  • Added support for an embedded PDF file via DOM.


  • VCL FireDac Added PrintOptions Methods.
  • VCL BDE Added possibility to change DevMode structure before printing > OnChangeDCProperties.


  • Official support for Microsoft Windows 10 Version 21H1.
  • Crosstab: Adding a new subcell, the formatting formula tries to find out the result type, if it is integer, it will reflect this by having no decimals.


  • Debwin4: Added an option for long-term monitoring...

Released: Feb 1, 2021

Updates in 26 Service Pack 26.001


New Features


  • Added TLlPreviewControl to the FireDac package.
  • Downward compatibility for Enum assignments in Embarcadero Delphi.
  • VCL FireDac component now supports 64bit Embarcadero C++ Builder applications.


  • LL_OPTION_NOFILEVERSIONUPGRADEWARNING can now also be used to suppress the message box that is triggered by a conversion from a different expression mode.
  • The InMemoryDataProvider's AddRelation method now has an overload that allows you to assign a name to the...

Released: Oct 22, 2020

Updates in 26


  • Reusable Sub-Reports
    Reusable sub-reports make it possible to reuse individual elements from report containers such as charts or tables in other projects. As a result, the layout only has to be created once and can be maintained at just a single location.
  • Improved Drag & Drop User Interface for the Table
    The new user interface is easier to use, and more intuitive. List & Label automatically switches to the new view when column width is adjusted. Which cells are affected by...