List & Label Standard Reporting Edition Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for List & Label Standard Reporting Edition, please contact our combit licensing specialists.

List & Label is a license for one developer
Individual, non-transferable, for one developer for installation on one computer or alternately for use on one notebook. Discounts are available for developer teams.
You also need several licenses if you want to encapsulate List & Label functions e.g. from your own DLLs/components, which is not covered by the standard license agreement. This can be easily modified with an additional agreement. Don't hesitate to contact our Sales & Service Team.

Important: You need a license for every developer who is involved in the overall project and/or the overall product in which List & Label is integrated. In this respect, it is irrelevant whether a developer uses List & Label functions or not. The basic conditions are fair, however they have not been calculated so as to enable large projects with maybe tens of thousands of end users to be covered by a single license.

Subscription for Standard Edition
Subscription includes service packs, feature-upgrades and upgrades to major versions during the period of validity. Free manufacturer support is available via forum. Manufacturer support via phone will be charged at a rate of €3.50/min (plus VAT if applicable). Or you upgrade to the Professional Edition with free support via phone and support portal including remote support. The subscription is valid for one year and is renewable after the first year.

License Agreements

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September 01, 2022