List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition Releases

Released: Apr 26, 2021

Updates in 26 Service Pack 26.002


New Features


  • Added support for an embedded PDF file via DOM.


  • VCL FireDac Added PrintOptions Methods.
  • VCL BDE Added possibility to change DevMode structure before printing > OnChangeDCProperties.


  • Official support for Microsoft Windows 10 Version 21H1.
  • Crosstab: Adding a new subcell, the formatting formula tries to find out the result type, if it is integer, it will reflect this by having no decimals.


  • Debwin4: Added an option for long-term monitoring...

Released: Feb 1, 2021

Updates in 26 Service Pack 26.001


New Features


  • Added TLlPreviewControl to the FireDac package.
  • Downward compatibility for Enum assignments in Embarcadero Delphi.
  • VCL FireDac component now supports 64bit Embarcadero C++ Builder applications.


  • LL_OPTION_NOFILEVERSIONUPGRADEWARNING can now also be used to suppress the message box that is triggered by a conversion from a different expression mode.
  • The InMemoryDataProvider's AddRelation method now has an overload that allows you to assign a name to the...

Released: Oct 22, 2020

Updates in 26


  • Reusable Sub-Reports
    Reusable sub-reports make it possible to reuse individual elements from report containers such as charts or tables in other projects. As a result, the layout only has to be created once and can be maintained at just a single location.
  • Improved Drag & Drop User Interface for the Table
    The new user interface is easier to use, and more intuitive. List & Label automatically switches to the new view when column width is adjusted. Which cells are affected by...

Released: Aug 10, 2020

Updates in 25 Service Pack 25.003


  • New Features
    • Adds support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.
    • Adds support for Microsoft Windows 10 2004.
    • Setting "HKCU\\software\\combit\\cmbtls\\<appnamenoext>" "ShowUnprintableArea" [String] "T" shows the unprintable area again.
  • Improvements
    • .NET
      • For .NET 4.0, encrypted password references in memory as a response to a static security analysis report. As a consequence, RestDataProvider is now IDisposable and the NetworkFileProvider has a different data type for its password...

Released: May 5, 2020

Updates in 25 Service Pack 25.002


  • New Features
    • Export
      • PDF: Supporting ZUGFeRD Version 2.1.
    • .NET
      • Introduced new RepositoryHelper class with DeleteItemWithDependencies function.
      • Parameterized data sources now also support date typed parameters. Example: param.Value = "{{CreatedOn=01.01.2020|format=date|choicesfield=All_Contacts.CreatedOn}}";.
    • Dataprovider
      • In ODataDataProvider added the capability to handle different OData namespaces in multiple schemas.
    • Print
      • Tables and autosize columns: if the MinWidth of a cell is Null...

Released: Oct 24, 2019

Updates in 25


Designer & Preview

  • Horizontal Fill Mode for Columns - Use available space more efficiently for multi-column layouts that are output from top to bottom in newspaper format. For sub-elements, the number of columns forces horizontal output. This results in completely new layout options, where the linked data records are output from left to right in one space-saving row.
  • Create Sub Elements Using Filter Conditions - In the past, if you wanted to use relations in the Designer, you had to...

Released: Oct 24, 2018

Updates in 24


  • Enhanced Performance
    • List & Label’s processing speed was boosted significantly. In list projects, 20% higher speeds are achieved on average, regardless of the data source or development environment. Even greater performance improvements are achievable with ADO .NET when large numbers of 1:1 relations are employed.
  • Creating a Crosstab via Drag and Drop
    • Users can now create both tables and crosstabs simply by dragging fields to their workspace. This is a very intuitive way to build a...

Released: Oct 30, 2017

Updates in 23


.NET Updates

  • New property DataBindingMode, defaulting to "DelayLoad". Only loads necessary meta data leading to a huge performance gain.
  • Added ability to configure relations between tables from different providers as long as they support the IAdvancedFiltering interface.
  • Queries for report parameters now use DISTINCT if possible, leading to a huge performance gain.
  • New Salesforce data provider.
  • Ad-hoc Designer available as new control, new sample.
  • Report Server is part of the Enterprise...

Released: Oct 27, 2016

Updates in 22


  • Support for Visual Studio 2017 RC
  • Charts
    • Charts can now also display Top-N data. Furthermore, all other data not included in the Top-N can be consolidated to show its relationship to the Top-N data.
    • Chart Layout - Line types can now be selected for horizontal and vertical coordinate lines. You can now optionally assign fixed symbols in charts yourself.
    • Radar - Radar charts visualize relationships between multiple categories with lines or shapes, simple or stacked. Where shapes overlap...

Released: Nov 2, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 21

  • Conditional formatting in the Designer
  • Browser-independent Web Designer with real data preview (.NET only)
  • Drag & Drop overhauled, create tables and subtables directly via D&D, drop variables on existing text paragraphs to append content
  • Enhanced color picker
  • Overriding specific default font properties
  • New toolwindow: Formula Errors
  • AutoRecover for the Designer
  • Enhanced User- and Sumvariable dialog with multiselect and copy/paste
  • Optionally hide objects from include files...