About Master Calendar

A SharePoint calendar for event manipulation and team collaboration.

Master Calendar is a user friendly replacement for the built-in SharePoint Calendar. It allows users to easily create new calendar events with a single click. To change the date of an event, simply drag and drop it on the appropriate calendar cell. It also includes customizable extended tooltips that allow you to track a selected event's properties.

Master Calendar Features

  • Multisource Support - Collect events from any SharePoint List, from any SharePoint site, all in one Calendar view.
  • Multiple Data Sources - Master Calendar provides four data source types: SharePoint List, SQL Database, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar (cloud based or on premise).
  • Multiple Views - Includes day, week, month, quarter, year and Gantt views.
  • Use Different Colors for Different Events - Specify different color sets for different event sources and specify different colors for different event types.
  • Customizable Tooltips - Display essential information in the customizable tooltip when a user hovers over an event.
  • Permissions - Different data sources can be visible for different users or groups.
  • Chronologically List Events from all Calendars - The calendar rollup feature chronologically lists all events, including their descriptions, recurrences and locations from all calendars.
  • On-the-Fly AJAX-enabled Features - Including adding, editing, dragging and deleting events.
  • Print Calendar Events - Easily print any calendar view (Day, Week, Month, Agenda and Gantt filtered views).
  • PDF Export - Save calendars to PDF.