About .Net Multimedia Control

Play sound and video files from whithin your Visual Studio .NET applications.

Softgroup .Net Multimedia Control is a fast, small and lightweight .NET control that can be used to play most Audio and Video files using .NET technology. .Net Multimedia Control currently supports the following sound and video file formats, AIF, AIFF, AIFC, AVI, AU, DAT, ENC, MID, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MPE, MPA, MPM, MPV, MP1, MP2, MP3, QT, RMI, SND, VOB, WAV, WMA, and WMV. All licenses include 12 Months Subscription. Source Code Included with Site Wide Licenses.

Softgroup .Net Multimedia Control features:

  • Play supported Sound/Video files without installation of any additional library expect.Net Framework and specific codec (if required)
  • Standard commands for Open/Close, Play, Stop, Pause/Resume, Begin, Backward,Forward, End and Auto-Repeat
  • Enhanced low-level volume control with balance left / right audio channels and muteon/off
  • Control reproduction speed for slow / fast reproduction (half and double)
  • Optionally display of enhanced integrated graphical commands bar with full customizable displayed background colour, position, size and text / tooltips text
  • Commands Bar Hide/Show of any section included commands, progress position, volume and balance controls.
  • Commands Bar has integrated open multimedia file dialog, CD Rom control and Hide/Show of video display only and/or commands bar only
  • CD Rom control with Open, Insert and Present methods
  • State property to check multimedia state: Playing, Paused or Stopped
  • Properties to gets/sets Position, Duration, Speed, Volume, Balance and Autoplay of both sound and video of multimedia
  • Auto-detect of multimedia type: Sound, Video or CD Audio
  • Enhanced events for control of multimedia status OnOpen, OnPlay, OnStop, OnPause,OnResume, OnEnd, OnMuteChange, OnPositionChange, onVolumeChange, onSpeedChange
  • Methods to check supported multimedia/hardware features for sound, volume and balance control
  • Enhanced method to gets various information from multimedia like media type, device type, multimedia frames, audio CD tracks and others
  • Require few system resources
  • Full control of hardware/software errors throw OnError event without use of unexpected exceptions

Sofgroup .Net Multimedia Control support the following media file formats:

  • AIF, AIFF, AIFC Audio Interchange File
  • AVI Audio Video Interleave
  • AU uLaw/AU Audio File
  • DAT Video stream from a Video CD (VCD)
  • ENC Encore Musical Notation
  • MID Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI-sequention Sound
  • MOV QuickTime Video Clip
  • MPG, MPEG MPEG 1 System Stream
  • MPE MPEG Movie Clip
  • MPA MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II or III
  • MPM MPEG Movie
  • MPV MPEG-1 Video File
  • MP1 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I
  • MP2 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II
  • MP3 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III
  • QT QuickTime Movie
  • RMI MIDI File
  • SND Audio Files
  • VOB DVD Video Movie File
  • WAV Windows WAVE Sound File
  • WMA Windows Media Audio File
  • WMV Windows Media Video File