NOV Schedule for .NET

NOV Schedule for .NET is an advanced .NET schedule component for cross-platform application development. NOV Schedule provides all the features of Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar plus many more such as support for multiple time zones, multi-level grouping, CSS like styling of appointments, headers, grid and time rulers, extended support for recurring appointments and events.

Some of the major benefits of NOV Schedule for .NET are:

  • Built-in dialogs for editing appointment and schedule component properties.
  • Two built-in command UIs – ribbon and command bars.
  • Four built-in views – Day, Week, Month and Timeline.
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation support for all views.
  • Appointment categorization via categories and time markers.
  • Multi-level grouping – makes it easy to visualize appointments grouped by different criteria and properties.
  • Rich interactivity support...

Latest News

NOV Schedule for .NET 2021.1
NOV Schedule for .NET 2021.1
Improves rendering speed and responsiveness for all UI-related tasks.
Nevron - Early Spring Promotion
Nevron - Early Spring Promotion
Save up to 30% on all new licenses.
NOV Schedule for .NET 2017.1
NOV Schedule for .NET 2017.1
Adds full support for Visual Studio 2017 plus UI and Framework improvements.
NOV Schedule for .NET 2016.2
NOV Schedule for .NET 2016.2
UI improvements with new Mac OS X El Capitan and Dark themes.

Prices from: $ 2,309.78

One Software License is required per developer. If you have a large project, part of which will be developed with Nevron Open Vision you need to license only the developers that will be actively...

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  • 100% Managed Code
  • Windows Runtime Controls
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