Oxygen Publishing Engine

Oxygen Publishing Engine automates the transformation of DITA/DocBook documents to WebHelp, PDF, ePub, and plain HTML output, for desktop and mobile devices, outside of Oxygen XML Editor (e.g from a command line).

Oxygen Publishing Engine Features

  • Includes DITA-OT CSS-based PDF Publishing Plugin and Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive plugin.
  • Allows you to transform DITA content into WebHelp and PDF.
  • Transform DITA resources by running a transformation script.
  • Includes the following PDF transformation types:
    • DITA Map PDF - CSS styling applied over a merged HTML5 document (the merged DITA map converted to HTML5).
    • DITA PDF - CSS styling applied over a merged HTML5 document (the merged DITA topic converted to...

Latest News

Oxygen Publishing Engine V26.0
Oxygen Publishing Engine V26.0
October 16, 2023New Version
Adds new features for WebHelp publishers and new customization options for PDF publishers.
Oxygen Publishing Engine V25.1
Oxygen Publishing Engine V25.1
March 21, 2023New Version
New transformation parameter helps you control the behavior of footnotes in PDF output.
Oxygen Publishing Engine V25.0
Oxygen Publishing Engine V25.0
October 14, 2022New Version
New customization and transformation options plus component updates for WebHelp and PDF publishers.
Oxygen Publishing Engine V24.1
Oxygen Publishing Engine V24.1
March 14, 2022New Version
Adds Ant extension points for WebHelp and improves context-sensitive help.
Oxygen Publishing Engine V24.0
Oxygen Publishing Engine V24.0
October 19, 2021New Version
Adds new transformation parameters and components to help you customize WebHelp output.
Oxygen Publishing Engine V23.1
Oxygen Publishing Engine V23.1
March 9, 2021New Version
Improves WebHelp and PDF output.

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