Oxygen XML Author Enterprise V24.1 Build ID: 2022062007

Released: Jun 20, 2022

Updates in V24.1 Build ID: 2022062007


  • DITA Publishing: Improved the speed of DITA transformations when publishing on Microsoft Windows from an Oxygen installation that includes Java 17, or when using the Oxygen Publishing Engine from the command line with Java 9 or newer.
  • Security/Component Update: Switched to using the Nokogiri fork of the NekoHTML library, which contains some security updates.


  • Author/Smart paste: Fixed an issue where MS Word-specific comments in content copied from a Word document were not completely ignored when that content was pasted in the Author editing mode.
  • Author mode/Attributes view: Fixed an issue where the content completion window in the Attributes view of the Author editing mode did not show the possible location values for an attribute which references locations.
  • Text mode / Attributes view: Fixed an issue in the Attributes view of the Text editing mode where the context of the content completion window was not properly computed depending on the content already inserted in the "href" attribute's value when editing references to file resources.
  • Eclipse/Quick Fixes: Fixed an issue where the web browser incorrectly opened a link when a quick fix was executed from the tooltip window.
  • XML Documents: Fixed an error that occasionally happened during the Format and Indent operation for XML documents.
  • JSON Editor: Fixed an issue with the JSON editor where various characters were escaped when switching between Text mode and Author mode.
  • JSON Schema Diagram: Fixed a ClassCastException error that happened sometimes when the copy/paste actions were used.
  • DITA Maps Manager: Fixed an issue where changes made to nested submaps in the DITA Maps Manager view were sometimes lost before being saved on disk when the "Allow referenced submaps to be edited" option was enabled.
  • WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where a wide table overflowed the topic content area.
  • WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where words that start with a special character (@, -, _ etc.) were not indexed by the search engine.
  • Oxygen DITA Publishing: Fixed an issue where step elements where not rendered correctly in the PDF output.
  • Oxygen DITA Publishing: Fixed an issue where captions of figures were placed on a new page when they were at the bottom of the figures.
  • Oxygen DITA Publishing: The @scale attribute is now applied on both <pre> (preformatted) and <equation-figure> elements.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an issue where an SVG that contains a <linearGradient> element was not rendered in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Removed the NekoHTML library since is not used in the PDF generation process.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Removed an "ambiguous rule match" warning message displayed when processing tables that have the -oxy-borders-conditionality extension CSS property set to "retain".
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry/Components: Removed the dependency of the NekoHTML library.