Oxygen XML Editor Academic Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Oxygen XML Editor Academic, please contact our Syncro Soft licensing specialists.

The one year Maintenance Pack includes, unlimited technical support, all new releases, major and minor for one year. When you renew you must do so for all licenses and within 14 days of the expiry of your previous Maintenance Pack.

You can use one license to run Oxygen XML Editor or XML Author on any supported platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Eclipse etc.

Customers must meet one of the following criteria to be considered a "Qualified Educational User" and eligible for Academic pricing:

  • Educational Institution - An accredited academic institution (public or private) organized and operated for the purpose of teaching its enrolled students and accredited by the applicable governmental regulatory agency in the country in which the Educational Institution has its principal offices.
  • Administrative Offices & Boards of Education - A local, regional, or national administrative office that administers one or more Educational Institutions described above.
  • Teachers, Faculty and Staff - Individuals that work full or part-time at qualifying Educational Institutions.
  • Students - Full and part-time matriculated students at qualifying academic Educational Institutions.
  • Public Libraries - Institutions supported by public or private funds that primarily provide general library services without charge to all residents of a given community, district, or region.
  • Public Museums - Public or private institutions organized on a permanent basis for essential education or aesthetic purposes; utilize a professional staff; regularly exhibit tangible objects to the public.
  • Home-School Programs - A home-schooling program that belongs to a nationally recognized home-schooling organization which provides K-12 education to a student or students with written proof that it meets established requirements.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems owned and operated by an Educational Institution - Institutions that are wholly owned and operated by an accredited Educational Institution (see definitions above). “Wholly owned and operated" means that the Educational Institution is the sole owner of said hospital or health care system (including all of the organization’s assets) and the only entity exercising control over the hospital's day-to-day operations.

The User of the Software may install and use the Software on as many computers (including operating systems) as he or she likes.

Academic Classroom License designed to support educators using the Software for classroom teaching.

The Academic Department License can be used for non-commercial departmental teaching and research programs

Academic Site License is intended for academic use and can be distributed to all employees, students and staff within the licensed Site Location.

Floating License - If you are using the Software under the control of a Floating license, you may:

  • install the Software on an unlimited number of computers that are connected to the designated network (there has to be a TCP/IP connection between the machines)
  • use the Software by no more than the authorized number of concurrent users. A separate license is required for each additional concurrent user and/or network on which the Software is used. Syncro will provide you with a license code key that enables the Software for a Floating license up to the authorized number of concurrent users.

License Server
If you are using floating licenses or a large number of user-based licenses (20 or more) for Oxygen, you must set up an Oxygen License Server.

Timed Subscription License
Your rights to use the software are limited to the subscription period indicated on your order. After the expiration of your subscription, you must stop using the software or renew your subscription. Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) is included. When your subscription ends, the Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) will also be terminated. Please note: you will need to register you registration code on the publishers website before using your software.

License Agreements

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November 23, 2021