About Oxygen Scripting

Automate and run Oxygen utilities from the command-line.

Oxygen Scripting (formerly Oxygen XML Scripting) provides access to a variety of functions that can be automatically scheduled or triggered using a command-line tool on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Oxygen Scripting Features

  • Automate XML Processing - Save time and effort by automating repetitive functions using the command line.
  • Continuous Integration - Increase productivity by incorporating functions in continuous integration/delivery pipelines.
  • Reuse Functions - Reduce errors and improve efficiency by reusing complex scripts.
  • Functions - The supported functions include:
    • Validate DITA maps or DITA OT project files.
    • Run transformation scenarios.
    • Build a translation package for DITA files.
    • Batch convert between various file formats.
    • Compile a framework customization script.
    • Generate documentation for XSLT stylesheets.
    • Generate documentation for XML schemas.
    • Generate multiple XML documents from an XML schema.
    • Flatten an XML Schema with multiple includes into one schema file.