Oxygen XML Web Author V23.1

Released: Mar 4, 2021

Updates in V23.1


DITA Authoring

  • Outline Pane Supports Maps Opened with Editable Referenced Content - When opening a DITA map with all of the referenced topic content expanded and editable, the referenced topic content is now also displayed in the Outline Pane. This is helpful for visualizing the XML structure and offers a quick way to navigate through content of the entire map.

Concurrent Editing

  • Concurrent Editing Support Optimized - The Concurrent Editing feature that provides the ability for multiple contributors to edit and review content simultaneously was enhanced with performance improvements.
  • The public Concurrent Editing API was successfully used in Oxygen Content Fusion to automatically create and close concurrent editing sessions when users open and close a document. Also, changes made by users concurrently are de-interleaved and saved to the file storage, providing a meaningful history of the document.


  • CSS Variables Now Supported - Web Author now supports CSS variables (also referred to as custom properties). CSS variables are properties defined by CSS authors that contain specific values that are reused throughout a document.
  • Edit DITA Maps with Content Expanded in Bitbucket Server Integrations - The feature that displays a DITA map with all of the referenced topic content expanded and editable in one document (triggered from the Edit Topic Content option in the DITA Map Display Mode drop-down menu) can now be enabled for Bitbucket Server integrations.


  • Add or Remove Custom Properties for Any Persistent Highlight - New API methods can be used to set or remove a custom property name and value on any persistent highlight.
  • Mark Expanded Referenced Content as Saved - A new markDocumentAsSaved() method was added to the UnsavedContentReferenceManager class and can be used by a plugin that supports opening a map with all of the referenced topic content expanded/editable to signal that changes to the map were saved.

Component Updates

  • Updated the Apache Shiro library to version 1.7.1.
  • Updated the Apache Tomcat in the installers to version 9.0.43.