Oxygen XML Web Author V25.0.0.1 Build ID: 2022111708

Released: Nov 22, 2022

Updates in V25.0.0.1 Build ID: 2022111708


Security/Component Update:

  • Updated the Apache Batik library to version 1.16.
  • Updated the Google Think library to version 1.7.0.
  • Updated the Google Protocol Buffers library to version 3.21.7.
  • Updated Apache Shiro to version 1.10.

Contextual menu:

  • Updated the Select > Element/Content/Parent actions, for cases when an element is fully selected, to consider it as the current element instead of the one at the cursor position.


Form Controls:

  • Fixed an issue where editing in a form control would fail in certain cases (for example, one effect was that the Attributes panel would not update properly).


  • Fixed an issue where the tags display mode options were translated before plugins could change or add new translations.

Concurrent Editing:

  • Fixed an issue where some tracked changes were automatically accepted when opening a document that contained a conref (or any other expanded reference) to another document that contained tracked changes.
  • Fixed an issue where concurrent editing sessions could not be created on WildFly.


  • Fixed an issue where some elements could not be expanded in the Merge Tool.

Save As:

  • Fixed issue where the "Save As" dialog box overwrote what was typed in the filename field while the spinner was displayed.

Web Author/Git:

  • Fixed an issue where committing while editing references in place in a Dita map would not work for Bitbucket Server.

Outline Plugin:

  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on a collapsed node switched its state and a different node was selected.