About Parent Selector Column

Organize hierarchical relationships in SharePoint lists.

Parent Selector Column can be used to display hierarchical data from SharePoint lists using lookups. The included picker dialog allows you to choose data from large lists and you can easily convert standard Lookup columns to Parent Selector columns and vice versa. After converting a Parent Selector Column to a standard Lookup column you can edit the content via a Datasheet view.

Parent Selector Column Features

  • Exclude items from the lookup list     
  • Supports lookup data from subfolders     
  • Includes functions for searching inside lookup lists by using a Picker Dialog     
  • Filter retrieved data using existing list views     
  • Single and multiple lookup for standard mode and using the Picker Dialog
  • Validating Hierarchical Integrity (checking whether hierarchical data is non-cyclic)     
  • Supports default values     
  • Supports Datasheet view     
  • Conversion between "ArtfulBits Parent Selector" column and standard SharePoint "Lookup" column