About ArtfulBits Password Reset Web Part

Allow users to submit their own password reset requests through SharePoint.

Password Reset Web Part allows users to reset their forgotten passwords from within SharePoint, without administrator intervention. If a user does not remember his password and wants to log in SharePoint site, he can reset his forgotten password via a Web part interface. The user passes through various degrees of protection, included security questions and/or email confirmation. The new password can be shown on the page, sent to a user email, or the user can type new password manually.

Password Reset Web Part Features

  • Multiple provider support including Active Directory services and SQL membership provider.    
  • Configurable account required fields (username and/or user email).
  • Ability to set security questions for AD password reset.
  • Password reset request confirmation.     
  • Allows users to type new password manually.     
  • Ability to auto generate new password and deliver it online or via email.    
  • Password changed email notification.
  • Customizable email notifications.     
  • Language pack support.