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PDFBundle4NET (PDFView4NET WinForms Edition + PDF4NET)

by O2 Solutions

Create, edit and view PDF's in your .NET applications.

PDFBundle4NET includes PDF4NET and PDFView4NET. PDF4NET is a .NET library for creating, editing and filling PDF files on the fly from any .NET application. The library provides a simple API that allows you to create complex PDF documents, or to edit existing PDF files with a few lines of code. Its core functionality can be divided into 3 main areas: PDF creation, PDF editing and PDF forms filling. PDFView4NET is a .NET toolkit for displaying and printing PDF files in .NET applications. It includes a PDF viewer control for Windows Forms and a .NET library for rendering and printing PDF files from any .NET application.

Component Type
  • .NET Class

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Latest News

PDFView4NET improves display of PDF files
PDFView4NET improves display of PDF files
Version 4.0 includes faster loading and display of PDF files and a new multithreaded PDF rendering engine.
PDF4NET adds XDP format support
PDF4NET adds XDP format support
Version 4.3 adds support for read/write of PDF files in XDP packages and import/export of data in XDP format.
PDF4NET supports Flash annotations
PDF4NET supports Flash annotations
Version 4.1.2 also supports the use of shared resources when extracting multiple pages.
PDF4NET improves handling of large PDFs
PDF4NET improves handling of large PDFs
Version 4.1.1 also allows creation of PDFMetafile objects from Metafile objects.


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
We have been using this product for a year. Generally good. However, had a problem and I had to get involved for them to sort it out. Also, this product do NOT support all PDF files which is not displayed on either this or their website. I emailed them a PDF file and got the following response:

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