PDF4NET is a .NET library for creating, editing and filling PDF documents on the fly from any .NET application. The library provides a simple API that allows to create complex PDF documents, or to edit existing PDF files with a few lines of code. Its core functionality can be divided into 3 main areas: PDF creation, PDF editing and PDF forms management. Using PDF4NET, a developer can create PDF files from any .NET compatible language, like C# or VB.NET. The drawing architecture is similar to GDI+, so if you know how to draw on the screen then you know how to create a PDF file. The PDF creation features include both basic and advanced features, allowing the developer to create PDF files of any complexity. The PDF4NET library can be used for creating reports of any types, invoices, business cards or any other types of PDF documents or it can be integrated in PDF processing workflows.

PDF4NET provides support for the following features when creating PDF files:

  • Support for document wide properties like: document information and XMP metadata with custom properties, viewer preferences.
  • Digitally sign PDF documents using X.509 certificates.
  • Create PDF portfolios
  • Read/write PDF files in XDP packages
  • Unlimited number of pages per document, each page with its size and orientation.
  • Create PDF/A-1b compliant PDF files.
  • Headers, footers, page templates and layers.
  • Native support for 1D...

Latest News

PDF4NET V5.0.2
PDF4NET V5.0.2
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.
PDF4NET 5.0.1
PDF4NET 5.0.1
Improves extraction of CMYK images.
Adds PDF/A-2B/U and PDF/A-3B/U support.
PDF4NET V4.7.6
PDF4NET V4.7.6
Maintenance release includes several improvements and bug fixes.
PDF4NET updated
PDF4NET updated
PDF4NET improves Performance
PDF4NET improves Performance
Memory consumption reduced when loading PDF document objects.

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rkampCA, USA5 star
The is most relaible and dependable PDF viewer I have found. The support has been great, but the update support is pretty expensive. It has met my needs for all my applications.

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morgenweckwUSA1 star
Be extremely careful. IMHO they have one of the worst upgrade policies in the industry. Minor upgrades (2.5 to 2.6) and fixes cost money after 90 days. So if you find a bug after that good luck.