PDF4NET Releases

Released: Mar 1, 2023

Updates in 13.x


Updated Mar 1, 2023


    • Added support for full color emojis.
    • Added support for SVG TrueType fonts.
    • Added advanced TrueType features: ligatures, vertical glyphs, small capitals and old style figures.


    • For some fonts an exception is thrown when a field is filled with Unicode values.
    • Document with formatted content cannot be saved as PDF/A if a paragraph contains only an empty text block.
    • PDFResourceOptimizer.MergeFonts throws StackOverflowException in some...

Released: Jun 30, 2022

Updates in 12.x


Updated Jan 31, 2023


    • Encoded COS names in a PDF file are saved re-encoded.
    • The BDC operator is not saved correctly when processed through a page transform.
    • Redaction fails when page includes embedded images.
    • In some situations page properties are not copied when PDFPage objects are copied.
    • Page direct destinations are not converted to page number destinations when pages are extracted using PDFFileEx class.
    • TIFF image is not converted correctly to PDF when using PDFXLTiff...

Released: Mar 29, 2022

Updates in 11.2.x


Updated May 30, 2022


    • Content cannot be extracted from some PDF files.
    • Form fields are not saved correctly after appending a file with multi-level PDF fields.
    • Font objects are not merged correctly in some situations.
    • Damaged PDF file cannot be loaded.
    • Page cannot be extracted if the declared number of pages in a document is different from the actual number of pages.
    • Flow images are not laid out correctly in some scenarios.
  • PDF4NET.Render
    • Shadings with multiple functions are...

Released: Dec 30, 2021

Updates in 11.1.x


Updated Feb 28, 2022


    • Added PDFFieldWidget.TabOrder property.


    • PdfPathVisualObject.VisualBounds property throws an exception with invalid paths.
    • Hidden and invisible annotations become visible after they are flattened.
    • OptionalContentGroup property is not set for visual objects in a form Xobject if optional content groups are defined in form Xobject's resources.
    • Words cannot be extracted from PDF file.
    • TrueType font is not embedded when the document is saved...

Released: Aug 30, 2021

Updates in 11.0.x


Updated Nov 30, 2021


  • PDF4NET.Render
    • Added support for nearest neighbor algorithm when upscaling images that do not require interpolation.
    • Improved scaling for 8bpp indexed images.


    • Text cannot be extracted from PDF file.
    • PDF file with invalid stream length cannot be loaded.
    • Page cannot be extracted from PDF file if it contains invalid circular references.
    • Cell draw events are not fired for cells in flow table headers.
    • Page content cannot be extracted if the page has...

Released: Apr 29, 2021

Updates in 10.6.x


Updated Jul 30, 2021


  • Added support for popup annotations.


  • Text markup annotations have the Type set to Unknown when they are loaded from a PDF file.
  • Resolution of System.Drawing.Bitmap image does not match the resolution of coresponding PdfVisualImage object.
  • PdfVisualImage.GetBitmap method throws an exception for image masks.
  • The Mask of a PdfVisualImage object does not have Dpix, DpiY, DisplayWidth, DisplayHeight and ImageCorners properties set.


Updated Jun...

Released: Jan 28, 2021

Updates in 10.5.x


Updated Mar 30, 2021


  • SignatureDictionary property is now available for all signatures.


  • Code128 barcode cannot drawn on PDF page.
  • Some CCITT G4 TIFF images are not converted correctly to PDF.
  • Single char Code128 barcode cannot drawn on PDF page.
  • Some encrypted documents are not loaded correctly.
  • Document cannot be saved in progressive mode when pages contain self referencing form XObjects.
  • Annotations are not flattened correctly if the document already contains flattened...

Released: Oct 29, 2020

Updates in 10.4.x


Updated Dec 30, 2020


  • Added support for custom digital signatures.


  • Words cannot be extracted from PDF page.
  • QRCode quiet zones are ignored when rendering the barcode.
  • PDFFixedDocument.PDFVersion returns Unknown for PDF 2.0 files.
  • Formatted content is not properly center/right aligned when text is wrapped.


Updated Nov 30, 2020


  • Added support for TIFF LZW compression when saving images extracted from PDF files.


  • Fixed an issue where SVG image with very long...

Released: Sep 29, 2020

Updates in 10.3.3


  • Fixed an issue where some OTF fonts are not properly embedded in the PDF file.
  • Fixed an issue where table cells are not tagged correctly in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where position of rotated text is not computed correctly in some situations.

Released: Aug 28, 2020

Updates in 10.3.2


  • Text drawn using Unicode TrueType fonts created from other Unicode TrueType font cannot be extracted.
  • Some rows are not displayed when the a table is split across pages.
  • The size of extracted text fragments is not correct when the text uses Type3 fonts.