PDFlib Releases

Released: Jan 31, 2022

Updates in 10.0.0


  • Color fonts and emoji.
  • Import form fields, annotations and actions with PDFlib+PDI.
  • Fill existing form fields, e.g. populate text fields.
  • Overhauled and extended annotation support.
  • Video and sound with Screen annotations and Rendition actions.
  • Full support for PDF 2.0 according to ISO 32000-2:2020.
  • Simplified color management.
  • Optimized PDF output.
  • Improved SVG import.
  • Convenience programming features.
  • Updated Pantone color libraries.
  • Extended pCOS interface for querying PDF objects...

Released: Nov 19, 2021

Updates in 9.3.1 (maintenance release)


  • Added support for Microsoft Windows 11.

Released: Mar 30, 2021

Updates in 9.3.1


  • Added support for Linux on ARM64 and Apple macOS on ARM64 (Apple Silicon).
  • Updated language bindings including Perl 5.32, PHP 8 and Ruby 3.0.
  • Improved handling of PDF/A and PDF/X border cases.
  • Modified font usage for form field appearance.
  • Improved Tagged PDF import including correct import of tagged tables spanning multiple pages.
  • Improved SVG import for certain graphical constructs.


  • Fixed problems with subsetting of certain OpenType CFF fonts.
  • Dozens of other bug fixes and...

Released: Jul 17, 2020

Updates in 9.3.0


  • Create form field appearances as a requirement for using fields in PDF/A.
  • Improved Tagged PDF import to correctly handle certain rare constructs which previously triggered errors in PDF/UA validators.
  • Tagged PDF and PDF/UA-1 enhancements according to the "Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide" published by the PDF Association.
  • Identify all deprecated API features in anticipation of their future removal.
  • Adjustments for new versions of operating systems and development environments.
  • Updates for...

Released: Feb 8, 2019

Updates in 9.2.0


  • New language binding for .NET Core.
  • Updates for most language bindings.
  • Clarifications of structure element nesting rules in anticipation of PDF 2.0.
  • PDF/UA-1 implementation aligned to latest recommendations and validators.
  • Improved import of Tagged PDF pages.
  • New options for modifying the color of raster images.
  • Improved color controls for non-sRGB colors in SVG.
  • PDF/X-4/5 convenience features for handling conflicts with identical CMYK profiles.
  • Identify several non-standard JPEG...

Released: Feb 9, 2018

Updates in 9.1.2


  • Tagged PDF and PDF/UA improvements.
  • SVG support for automatically rotating glyphs in vertical text.
  • Identify certain kinds of unsupported input data, e.g. OpenType font variations.
  • Improved handling of damaged and non-standard JPEG flavors as well as invalid XMP.
  • Improved performance of SVG processing.
  • Updated language bindings and build support, e.g. PHP 7.2, Ruby 2.5, Java 9.
  • PDF/VT encapsulation for imported PDF pages.
  • Accelerated text output, especially on IBM zSeries.
  • Updated...

Released: Jul 28, 2017

Updates in 9.1.1


  • Improved PDF/VT encapsulation of Form XObjects
    • The GTS_Encapsulated flag is now assigned to almost all Form XObjects created for imported PDF pages and SVG graphics with the "templateoptions" option; a transparency group is attached to the Form XObject only if required.
    • This new strategy facilitates in-RIP caching of Form XObjects which can result in accelerated ripping. Before the change transparent templates and SVG graphics could incorrectly be encapsulated if users provided a...

Released: Dec 21, 2016

Updates in 9.1.0


  • Support for DeviceN and NChannel color spaces with an arbitrary number of colorants.
  • PDF/X-5n for exchange of n-colorant production files, e.g. in the packaging industry.
  • SVG color extension for ICC profiles, spot and DeviceN color as well as Gray/RGB/CMYK device color for increased usability of SVG for print production.
  • Pantone Extended Gamut Coated (XGC) spot colors and Pantone Plus 2016 update.
  • Color gradients with an arbitrary number of stop colors for flexible color blends.
  • Color...

Released: Aug 3, 2016

Updates in 9.0.7


  • Significantly improved performance of various operations:
    • Split very large documents.
    • Create Tagged PDF.
    • Import pages from Tagged PDF.
    • Retrieve bookmarks with pCOS.
  • Reduced memory requirements for various operations:
    • Create very large documents.
    • Open Tagged PDF.
    • Import pages from PDF/UA documents.
  • Added support for additional CSS properties in SVG.
  • Updated language bindings incl. support for Perl 5.24 and Ruby 2.3.
  • Reduced code and data size of the PDFlib Mini Edition (ME) for embedded...

Released: Nov 24, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 9.0.6

  • The PDFlib Block plugin has been updated to version 5.6. It improves the new support for Acrobat DC and fixes several user interface issues, mostly with Acrobat DC on OS X.
  • Updated language bindings incl. support for PHP 7, Perl 5.22 and Python 3.5.
  • Support for watermarks (stamped text) which can be edited in Acrobat.
  • PDF/UA-1 modifications related to the ISO 14289-1:2014 edition of the standard.
  • Several enhancements for TIFF and JPEG 2000 images, especially for handling rare...