About TIFF Image Printer

Convert anything into a high-quality TIFF image.

With TIFF Image Printer, if you can print it, you can distribute or archive it electronically as a high-quality TIFF image file; word processing documents, graphic application files, accounting spreadsheets, legal files, and more. TIFF Image Printer provides high quality TIFF output while ensuring that created files are readable by standard image viewers. Creating a TIFF image file using TIFF Image Printer is as simple as printing to your desktop printer.

With eTIFF, converting a document into a high-quality TIFF image file is as easy as 1-2-3 . . .

1) Start your application, and open the document you want to convert.
2) Print your document, but instead of your standard printer, select TIFF Image Printer.
3) When prompted, select where you want to save the TIFF image file, and you're done!

For users requiring custom TIFF images that meet a specific business requirement you can set the printing preferences for your TIFF Image Printer to produce the exact outputted images you require.

Printing preference options for TIFF Image Printer include the following:

Compression options
Select from multiple compression options for color images, indexed images, greyscale images, and monochrome images.

Further customize the file size of your outputted images with extensive color reduction options (reduce to optimal palette, reduce to greyscale palette, reduce to black and white, and none.

Image options
Rotate your output images as required (0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees).
Produce your images at a resolution of 1200, 720, 600, 400, 360, 300, 240, 200, 150, 120, 100, 75, 60, or 50 dots per inch.

Watermark options
Select a saved graphic file for use as a watermark on either the first page or all pages of your outputted images.
Stretch, tile, or center the watermark.
Set a different watermark for portrait and landscape pages.

Email options
Enable email options to automatically attach your outputted images to an email message, ready for sending.
Populate the To, CC, BCC, Subject, and Message fields of the email message with defaulted text.

Fax image options
Produce fax-ready images using either Profile F or Profile S.
Select the fax resolution that best suits your requirements (408 x 391, 400 x 400, 300 x 300, 204 x 196, 204 x 98, 200 x 200, or 200 x 100 dots per inch).

File naming options
Set a default directory and file name for all driver output, or have the driver prompt you for this information when the print job is run.
Using advanced file naming, select or create profiles that set the file naming format you need.

Save options
Select either serialized (each page of the document saved as an individual image) or multi-page (entire document saved as a single, multi-page image) output.
Append outputted images to an existing file.

Run options
Specify commands to be run at the start of the print job, at the end of the print job, at each page, and on file close.