Raster Image Printer

With Raster Image Printer, if you can print it, you can distribute or archive it electronically as a high-quality TIFF image file, Adobe® PDF file, JPEG and many more. Raster Image Printer supports more than 24 file formats. Raster Image Printer is ideal for document imaging, computer-aided document design (CADD), and graphic design. This virtual printer specializes in producing the exact image you require (be it JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG, or any other) through its customizable image-specific properties. Using Raster Image Printer is as simple as printing to your desktop printer.

Raster Image Printer Features

  • Output Options:
    • Create TIFF/JPEG/PDF/BMP/GIF/PNG/PCX/DCX/CALS files from any application.
    • Create Adobe PDF files from any application.
    • Create Non-Searchable Adobe PDF files from any application.
    • Create Non-Searchable Adobe PDF/A files.
    • Monochrome / Greyscale / Black & White TIFF.
    • Color TIFF.
    • Faxable TIFF – Fax profiles F, S, C.
    • High Resolution Support from 50dpi to 1200dpi.
    • Create single page (serialized) or multi-paged TIFF files.
    • Create single page (serialized...

Latest News

Turn Scanned Documents into Editable Files
Turn Scanned Documents into Editable Files
January 10, 2024Publisher Update
PEERNET Image Printer products gain OCR functionality, facilitating easy conversion of scanned PDFs and images into searchable and editable files.
Raster Image Printer 12.0.019
Raster Image Printer 12.0.019
July 27, 2023New Version
Antialiasing option now applies to lines, text and images on a page.
Raster Image Printer 12.0.017
Raster Image Printer 12.0.017
January 19, 2023New Version
Adds support for filenames and folders that contain leading and trailing spaces.
Raster Image Printer 12.0.016
Raster Image Printer 12.0.016
November 7, 2022New Version
Improves PDF append feature and quality of image scaling.
Raster Image Printer 12.0.015
Raster Image Printer 12.0.015
August 4, 2022New Version
Multiple documents can now be printed and combined into a single multi-page PDF file.
Raster Image Printer 12.0.014
Raster Image Printer 12.0.014
June 8, 2022New Version
Adds new command line install options to remove application shortcuts.

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2012 an 2012 R2
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

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