Raster Image Printer Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Raster Image Printer, please contact our PEERNET licensing specialists.

A subscription license gives users complete access to all features of Raster Image Printer for the term that the annual subscription is valid. When your annual subscription is valid, you have complete access to Raster Image Printer up to the limit of licenses purchased. With a subscription license, users can:

  • Activate and use up to the limit of number of licenses purchased
  • Move, transfer, and re-use licenses as required
  • Access all updates and upgrades
  • Priority technical support
  • Annual renewal required

A one-time license (only available for End User license types) gives users access to a perpetual activation of Raster Image Printer up to the limit of number of licenses purchased. This is a classic software license meaning that you can go on using any license(s) you purchase for as long as you like, but once a license is consumed it can never be moved/transferred to a new computer or re-used after an operating system upgrade, computer crash or reformatting (any action that would change the computer identity). With a one-time license, users cannot request license adjustments, with not receive updates or upgrades, and are only entitled to the most basic technical support.

End User Edition - Each End User License will activate a single computer/workstation.
Unlimited End User Edition (Call for pricing) - Each Unlimited End User License will activate an unlimited number of computers/workstations in one company excluding subsidiaries.
Terminal Server Edition (Call for pricing) - Each Terminal Server License will activate a Terminal or Citrix Server which will allow an unlimited number of remote desktop users access.
Windows Service Edition (Call for pricing) - Each Windows Service License will activate a single computer to allow Microsoft Windows Services access.
Pre-Authorized Open Edition (Call for pricing) - A Pre-Authorized Open Edition allows for an unlimited number of licenses of the software to be installed at one (1) company excluding subsidiaries. There is no remote licensing, so it is ideal for push deployments, secure sites, large number of users, and cloning from a gold copy.