Raster Image Printer Licensing

End User Edition - Each End User License will activate a single computer/workstation.
Unlimited End User Edition (Call for pricing) - Each Unlimited End User License will activate an unlimited number of computers/workstations in one company excluding subsidiaries.
Terminal Server Edition (Call for pricing) - Each Terminal Server License will activate a Terminal or Citrix Server which will allow an unlimited number of remote desktop users access.
Windows Service Edition (Call for pricing) - Each Windows Service License will activate a single computer to allow Microsoft Windows Services access.

On-Going Licensing and Support Subscription is valid for 12 months and can be renewed annually. It includes the following benefits:

  • Ability to request license adjustments (move the software from one computer to another, or license where the computer identity has changed)*
  • Priority technical support (both email and telephone)
  • Access to software downloads including updates and upgrades

*If you are re-licensing and the computer is identical, then “license authentication server” will re-license without the need for you to request a license adjustment. A license adjustment request is required when the software is being moved from one computer to another computer or computer identity has changed.

Important - Please note that before you can use this software you have to Activate it online during the installation process or manually via email. There may be a delay before you are able to activate your software as a unique serial number needs to be generated for you based on your order details, please allow 1 business day for delivery.