Raster Image Printer Releases

Released: Sep 30, 2021

Updates in 12.0.008


  • Added the ability to turn anti-aliasing on or off when creating color, indexed or greyscale images.
  • Added the ability to promote personal profiles to a shared profile. A shared profile is visible to all users, like a system (global) profile.
  • Added the ability to lock, or force a printer to a profile using shared profiles. Administrator permissions required on the printer for this feature.


  • Fixed issue with font glyphs not being read properly.
  • Fixed issue with registry keys left...

Released: Aug 4, 2021

Updates in 12.0.007


  • All components have been re-signed with updated digital signatures.
  • Added a system profile for creating serialized, optimized color TIFF images.
  • Added new properties in PNSrv12Lib COM object for tracking converted pages and skipped blank pages.


  • Fixed issue with script file DEVMODE section where Resolution= was not overriding the printer resolution.
  • Fixed issue with Profile Editor Save Icon not updating on Save with new or copied profiles.
  • Fixed issue where print jobs could stop...

Released: Jun 22, 2021

Updates in 12.0.006


  • Added printing resolution to Printing Preferences dialog. This enables you to print documents, charts or diagrams at a resolution that matches the output resolution of the image/PDF being generated by the virtual image printer. This support enhances the quality of documents which are heavily dependent on line thicknesses or line weights. Useful for users printing AutoCAD drawings, land charts/maps and/or well logs.
  • Added new output resolution option for profiles to automatically match...

Released: May 18, 2021

Updates in 12.0.005


  • $[REGKEY] macro support for the following settings. (Registry key values are not verified by the user interface but are interpreted when printing. Missing registry keys are replaced with an empty string. Use carefully):
    • Output file path and Output file name.
    • Path to image in stamping features.
    • Path to error logs and support file locations.
    • Run Commands and Start In Folders for the commands.
  • Added support for Run Commands for backwards compatibility with earlier versions.
  • Allow relative...

Released: Mar 31, 2021

Updates in 12.0.004


  • Added new Run Command utilities for moving, renaming and deleting files.
  • Profiles that use Run Commands using any provided tools from the built-in RunCommands folder now detect and internally store this folder path as a macro so that the profiles can more easily be shared and imported on other computers.
  • Added script file control in the [Save] section for ignoring blank pages (IgnoreBlankPages=[0|1]) and setting a page range (IncludePages=1,2-4,10-10000) for included pages.


  • Fixed...

Released: Mar 5, 2021

Updates in 12.0.003


  • Updated Filename Creator tool to allow the base file name to be removed from the file name.
  • Added a JobID file naming part into the Filename Creator tool. The JobID is set per printer and increments by 1 each time a file is printed to the printer.
  • Added new RunCommand tool PNExec12.exe that will runs the command for each file in the output list. Customers migrating from version 11 running commands at end of job on $(OutputFilePath) can use this tool to update the Run Command for version...

Released: Feb 22, 2021

Updates in 12.0.002


  • Updated Filename Creator to allow the file number part to be removed from the file name.


  • Fix missing lines in CAD drawings when dithering to black and white.
  • Fixes for memory overwrite and leaks in rare cases.
  • Improved dashboard and profile manager launching times.
  • Dashboard fixes for incorrect licensing issues being reported for One Time installations.
  • Updated how required file and folder permissions are set during the install.

Released: Jan 9, 2021

Updates in 12.0.001


  • Updated to have a new, modern interface with a new Dashboard application serving as the main hub for easy access to conversion settings, printer management and licensing, as well as links to videos, tutorials and other help resources.
  • Conversion settings are now set using profiles, which are created and edited using the Profile Manager application. This new concept allows for improvements to existing features, the addition of new ones, and maintains the output settings available in...

Released: Mar 1, 2018

Updates in 11.0.008


  • Fixed creation of monochrome files, and fax formats Profile F or Profile S, to comply with hardware fax solutions requirements.

Released: Jan 19, 2018

Updates in 11.0.007


  • Fixed issue to properly default the paper size to Letter when printing from older and legacy applications that have not been updated for the new printing features in later releases of Windows.
  • Added automatic registry patching to enable the older printing path for Citrix (9.x)required by the printer. This fixes the behavior of the printer drivers creating no output when run on Citrix 10.x and higher.