PrimalScript Releases

Released: Apr 6, 2020

Updates in 2020 (7.7.x)

2020 (7.7.145)

Updated Oct 14, 2020


  • Added: MSI builder and Script Packager can now create hash files for packaged executables and MSI files. (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256).
  • Added: New version of SAPIEN Script Explorer with:
    • New sign and remove signature functions.
    • Verify Script hash functionality.
    • Unblock file function.
    • Prompt before executing unsigned / unverified files.
  • Added: Panel/Document Navigator.


  • Fixed: Deploy button in Script Packer is always disabled for Module projects.
  • Fixed...

Released: Jan 13, 2020

Updates in 2020 (7.6.x)

2020 (7.6.138)

Updated Feb 15, 2020


  • Adds PowerShell V5 dark mode packager engine for Windows Applications.


  • Fixed: MSI Builder fails to copy folders in some cases.

2020 (7.6.137)

Updated Feb 6, 2020


  • Call stack for PowerShell now shows function names if available.
  • Help information for PowerShell and VBScript is displayed in local panel.
  • (Document Explorer is deprecated and removed).
  • Update help for PowerShell and PowerShell Core is now available on the Help tab.


Released: Sep 25, 2019

Updates in 2019 (7.6.x)

2019 (7.6.135)

Updated Nov 1, 2019


  • Added: MSI builder can add entire folders, including sub folders to MSI.


  • Fixed: Crash when adding a second custom action in the Script packager.
  • Fixed: Script packager not prompting to save on all changes.
  • Fixed: Error about script execution policy can block cache builder unnecessarily.
  • Fixed: Breakpoints/tracepoints no longer functioning in V2 mode.

2019 (7.6.134)

Updated Oct 4, 2019


  • Fixed: Crash when loading PS1 file with too many syntax...

Released: Jan 18, 2019

Updates in 2019 (7.4.124)


  • Added: Command line version of CacheExport added.
  • Added: Custom menu ability for Windows Tray applications
  • Added: Additional tab styles for document tabs
  • Added: PowerShell debugger no longer requires COM object registration
  • Added: Console windows default to 'Consolas' font and larger size
  • Added: Right click on entries in variable panel to modify values (string, boolean, int32 and int64 only) while debugging PowerShell scripts.


  • Fixed: STA mode for PowerShell debugger ignored.
  • Fixed...

Released: Nov 30, 2018

Updates in 2019 (7.4.119)


  • Added: ScriptMerge can sign scripts on save (PS1,PSM1,VBS,JS only)
  • Added: ScriptMerge can now remove signatures from script files (PS1,PSM1,VBS,JS only)
  • Added: Quick Open commands for files and folders for ScriptMerge
  • Added: Reset button for color settings in ScriptMerge in Options dialog
  • Added: PowerShell and Windows Script Host policies can now be set in the new Script Security Center, accessible from the Home tab in the Ribbon.


  • Fixed: Creating a new snippet does not open...

Released: Feb 5, 2018

Updates in 2018


  • Added silent PowerShell engine option to suppress all output.
  • Updated PowerShell cache to improve speed and PrimalSense information.


  • Fixed: Cache export on other machines no longer requires COM registration.

Released: Jan 18, 2017

Updates in 2017 (7.3.98)


  • Added context menu for performance graph to clear data.
  • Added new copy version button on About dialog.
  • Performance chart now logs up to three executions of the same script when run consecutively.
  • #MARK: comments now listed in the navigation drop-down menu.
  • Improved engine selection user interface in packager.
  • Simultaneous builds for 32 and 64bit targets.
  • Added option to build native start application for platform specific packager targets.
  • Added option to resolve dot sourced files when...

Released: Jul 13, 2016

Updates in 2016 (7.2.92)


  • Blocked files are now recognized and prevented from modification and execution.
  • Unlock files from the document tab context menus.


  • Shell selection combobox not scaled on high DPI screens.
  • XML Editor did not scale fonts properly on high DPI screens.
  • Activation problem with Software suite and existing individual license.

Released: Apr 7, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in 2014

  • Restore Points - Two kinds of restore points are available, automatic and manual. Automatic restore points are created as soon as you start modifying a file.
  • Debug Console - Setting a variable or object property is as easy as typing into the console. You can now call functions or set objects to test if your error handlers work.
  • Deploy Solutions - New MSI builder allows you to bundle your scripts, packages, modules and all supplemental files into a professional grade installer...