Prizm ActiveX Viewer

Prizm ActiveX Viewer is an ActiveX document viewer used for delivering documents from central repositories to your users via the Web and offers Business Process Managers and Web Developers a new level of controlled presentation of documents and images. With unparalleled power, flexibility, and convenience, Prizm ActiveX Viewer adds document viewing to Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Enable document collaboration. Store all of your users’ annotations on your Web server or directly in your DMS or ECM database. The Prizm Annotation Server download includes a fully-working sample that can also be used as a template for storing Prizm ActiveX Viewer annotations within your Document Management System. Display images your browser can’t. Automatically open SVG, TIFF, PDF, CAD, JPEG 2000, and many other image types with one viewer. Comprehensive viewing features go beyond common display tools to add thumbnail navigation, poster printing, image export, and many others. With Prizm ActiveX Viewer you can also combine documents for multi-document viewing.

Prizm ActiveX Viewer turns your Windows Web browser into an image viewer with unmatched power and flexibility. Open and view TIFFs, JPGs, PDFs (optional), CAD files, and many others. Print, save, and e-mail image files directly from your browser. Annotations can be added and stored on your PC, or on the Web for review by others.

File Format Support
Easily configure which of the following types are to be opened with Prizm ActiveX Viewer:

  • TIFF (single and multiple page, stripped, and tiled) in all...

Latest News

Prizm Viewer adds SVG support
Prizm Viewer adds SVG support
XML-based SVG files can be easily scaled, searched, indexed, scripted and compressed.
Prizm Viewer adds Windows 7 support
Prizm Viewer adds Windows 7 support
Version 9 also expands poster printing capabilities and features enhanced support for 2-up and 4-up document printing.

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One software license is required per developers. Run-time NOT royalty free. Important - Please note that a unique license key needs to be created for this product so you may have to allow one business...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 2000

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