PrizmDoc Viewer Releases

Released: Oct 19, 2017

Updates in v13.x


Updated Jan 17, 2022


  • New and Improved
    • Kubernetes Guidance. Now provides instructions and recommendations for PrizmDoc Viewer deployment to Kubernetes.
    • Cluster Manager for Kubernetes. A new accusoft/prizmdoc-cluster-manager container image is now available, which simplifies the deployment of PrizmDoc Viewer container images in Kubernetes.
    • New Sample for PrizmDoc Viewer deployment in Kubernetes on GitHub. Published a new sample project on GitHub. This sample provides manifest files...

Released: Jul 18, 2017

Updates in v12.4


  • The E-Signature Module's performance has been enhanced to support a larger quantity of form fields.
  • Significantly improved raster image viewing performance, especially for large images.
  • The online help has been updated into a new format with improved search capabilities.


PrizmDoc Viewer

  • Fixed a Viewer issue where there were too-frequent requests for page attributes.

PrizmDoc Server

  • Fixed an issue that prevented PCCIS caching from being less than 24 hours.
  • Addressed an issue with...

Released: May 2, 2017

Updates in v12.3


  • PrizmDoc Server
    • Viewing Packages that are created with pre-conversion now support Server-Side Search for increased performance.
    • Server-Side Search is now turned on by default. This should result in significantly improved performance when searching documents greater than 80 pages.
    • Microsoft Office Conversion connectivity to PrizmDoc Servers is now supported for running on Linux. While the Microsoft Office Conversion add-on requires PrizmDoc Server running on Windows, it is now possible...

Released: Feb 21, 2017

Updates in v12.2


  • PrizmDoc Server Updates
    • Implemented support for conversion of password protected PDF and Office documents with the use of PrizmDoc's Content Conversion Service.
    • Added two central configuration parameters that define the background color for viewing CAD documents
    • Improved Content Conversion Service to report more granular "percentComplete" status when converting documents. Previously it was only reporting 0% and 100%.
    • Improved rendering fidelity of PDF and HTML documents containing Arial...

Released: Jan 10, 2017

Updates in v12.1


  • Improved rendering of CSV files so they no longer render as plain text.
  • Improved auto-fit of CSV columns when rendering or converting to PDF.
  • Removed unnecessary dependency of the Office Conversion Service on the MS Office installation (when setting msOfficeDocumentsRenderer parameter to use "libreoffice" rendering mode).
  • Support for CentOS 7


  • Improved processing of currently unsupported password protected documents with MSO rendering mode to reject them with the appropriate error...

Released: Nov 8, 2016

Updates in v12.0


  • Large Document Viewing & Server-Side Search : Provides faster rendering and superior performance for documents with 1000+ pages. Reduces memory load in the viewer, allowing for quicker return of search results.
  • Microsoft Office (MSO) Conversion*: If you need true native rendering of Office documents, this new MSO conversion service allows rendering of all Microsoft documents in PrizmDoc’s HTML5 viewer, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Form Field Detector: Recognizes a form...

Released: Jun 28, 2016

Updates in v11.2


  • The Prizm Application Services pre-conversion feature is now complete and ready for production use.
  • Added direct support for MySQL for the pre-conversion feature.
  • PrizmDoc Server now renders and converts inline images embedded in MSG and EML files as a part of the email message body.
  • PrizmDoc Server now provides explicit font substitution mapping to allow more accurate text and font style rendering for the Office documents.
  • HTML Conversion Service was updated to improve fidelity and...

Released: May 5, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v11.1

Viewing Client

  • Added a system check to verify requirements before installing the PrizmDoc Server. If your machine doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, a warning message will be displayed indicating that you may experience poor performance.

PrizmDoc Server

  • Improved viewing experience for Excel worksheets by rendering Excel gridlines, headers, footers, and hidden content by default.
  • Improved email rendering fidelity (by maintaining the HTML formatting) when viewing MS Outlook...

Released: Mar 24, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v11.0

PrizmDoc is the new name for Prizm Content Connect

Viewing Client

  • Updated the underscore.js library used to v1.8.3.
  • A new search option supports the ability to search for words within proximity of each other. A new API was added to support proximity search as well.
  • It is now much easier to intercept the HTTP calls and modify them, for example, to implement your own security within these calls.
  • Created a new demo to illustrates the header/footer creation code added to the product...

Released: Jan 22, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v10.5.1


  • Added Prizm Application Service (PAS) - a service that runs independently of the PCC conversion services and will remove much of the burden of communicating with those services from your code.
  • Annotations can now be "burned" into a document the same way that redactions have always been supported.
  • Expanded set of configuration options for the eSignature modules allows configuring everything that the full viewer supports.
  • Added APIs that allow setting the color of a...