RadaeePDF Classic SDK for iOS Releases

Released: Jul 31, 2020

Updates in v4.x


Updated Jan 18, 2023


  • Image rendering issues.
  • Rendering issues.
  • Can't scroll down while zoomed on single page.


Updated Dec 9, 2022


  • Added support for Apple Xcode 14 and newer versions.
  • Improved code optimization.
  • Improved performance of re-flow rendering.


  • Fixed rendering issues.
  • Fixed crash risk on loading font with very long name.


Updated Sep 6, 2021


  • Fixed CMYK->RGB conversion may bring to unexpected crash during some special bitmap decoding.

Released: Oct 29, 2018

Updates in v3.8.6

Updates in 3.8.6

  • Refactor project code
  • Updated libjpeg library
  • Added g_static_scale to enable/disable dynamic page scale
  • Fixed pageLabel method
  • Fixed linking issue when opencv is in the same project
  • Fixed is some circumstances widget fields was not hide when . Hide(true) was set
  • Fixed some Fixedes related to special cases
  • Fixed Wrong rendering behavior when an empty filling path was evaluated as a rectangle filling
  • Fixed undo/redo when moving annotation to a different page
  • Fixed annot move
  • Fixed...