About Telerik RadSlider

Add a smooth or step-based slider to your ASP.NET AJAX applications.

Telerik RadSlider is a flexible UI component that allows users to select a value from a defined range using a smooth or step-based slider. The control is completely customizable in terms of appearance and offers numerous configuration options like orientation, click offset, mouse wheel support, etc.


  • Horizontal/Vertical Orientation - Depending on your need RadSlider can be displayed horizontally or vertically on the page by setting the Orientation property.
  • Decrease/Increase/Drag Handles - The slider layout can be customized using one of the handle properties that control which slider handles will be displayed – Increase Handle, Decrease Handle or Drag Handle.
  • Slider Animation - You can create smooth slide animations to a specified point without any browser interference. The animation duration is defined in milliseconds.
  • MouseWheel Support - Grabbing and dragging can be annoying at times, so that’s why mouse wheel support could be a very nice alternative. When users move the mouse wheel over the slider, its default value the will change. That value will increase/decrease with one SlideStep, which is again configurable.
  • Click Offset - You can define the change in value of the distance, at which the slider will jump slider when the user clicks on the track. In its default mode, the slider will automatically scroll to the value which has been clicked by the user.
  • View-Only Mode - In some cases you might need to simply display the slider as disabled, and prohibit changes in its value.
  • Advanced Skinning - The visual appearance of RadSlider can be easily customized through skins. You can use one of the predefined skins or create your own.
  •  2-drag handles support - Users can now build superior applications with RadSlider for ASP.NET AJAX thanks to the newly-implemented 2-drag handles functionality. The latter is suitable for scenarios when a range rather than a value is needed. You can see the initial values for each drag-handle using the SelectionStart and the SelectionEnd properties. Numerous configuration options are available.