About Telerik RadToolTip

Add rich tooltips to your ASP.NET AJAX applications.

RadToolTip is a context-sensitive tool for displaying rich content, detailed information, overlaid forms, or just about anything that should appear over a given element OnMouseOver. The tooltip area is completely customizable and can be loaded on demand with ASP.NET AJAX using different animations.


  • Display HTML and ASP.NET Controls - You can create not only rich-text tooltips, but also interactive forms with standard ASP.NET and user controls. This will allow you to create context sensitive interfaces which do not permanently occupy space on the form.
  • Add Tooltips to Single or Multiple Elements - RadToolTip allows you to easily add tooltips to a single element, groups of elements, or all elements on the page at once. You can have different tooltip configurations and content for the different groups of elements.
  • Load on Demand - Instead of preloading all tooltip content, you can use the built-in ASP.NET AJAX mechanism to load it only after the user hovers with the mouse over the trigger element. This is especially useful if you are showing large files in the tooltip (e.g. videos or large images). The load on demand feature will significantly reduce the initial page loading time and will keep the page size smaller.
  • Full Control over Tooltip Position - You can completely configure the way the tooltip is displayed – on which side, at what offset, and relative to the mouse or to a triggering element.
  • Show on Event - RadToolTip can be configured to be shown not only on mouse over, but also on click, on right-click, or on focus.
  • Close on Click - Similarly to the various options for showing the tooltip area, it can be closed not only on mouse out, but also on click. The latter behavior simulates window behavior and is especially useful when using interactive forms or important messages that require user’s cognitive reaction.
  • Mouse Trailing - When mouse trailing is turned on, the tooltip will not stay static relative to the trigger element, but will rather move with the mouse as long as the cursor is still over the trigger element.
  • Sticky Tooltips - Sticky functionality should be used when the toolitp should behave like a menu, dropdown, or a context menu. It prevents the tooltip from hiding when the mouse is moved away from the target element, so content in the tooltip itself can be selected. The tooltip will close when the mouse moves its boundaries.
  • Show Delay and AutoClose Delays - You control the delay after which the tooltip is shown or hidden.
  • Animation effects - You can use animation effects when showing/hiding the tooltip. At present RadToolTip provides two types of animations - Fade and Resize. By default the tooltip uses no animation.
  • MS AJAX Update Panel in RadToolTip - RadToolTip can smoothly work with the UpdatePanels of the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework to create even more interactive forms/interfaces. For example, you easily place an UpdatePanel in RadToolTip area and so that it uses AJAX calls to communicate with the server and update the tooltip area.
  • Content Scrolling - RadToolTip supports scrolling if you are trying to show lengthy content.
  • Advanced Skinning - The visual appearance of RadToolTip can be easily customized through skins. You can use one of the predefined skins or create your own.