About RapidSpell WPF

As-you-type and dialog spell checking for WPF applications.

RapidSpell WPF can be added to any application to provide a fully independent and highly customizable spell checking control. RapidSpell WPF can also be used in non GUI contexts using its spell checking API. Written exclusively for WPF, RapidSpell includes 4 English dictionaries and multiple other dictionaries are available (including medical).

RapidSpell WPF provides:

  • Integrated As You Type and Dialog Checking
  • Open API
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Auto Correct
  • Multiple Languages Supported

RapidSpell includes 3 spelling controls; RapidSpellDialog for dialog based spell checking, RapidSpellAsYouType for as-you-type spell checking and RapidSpellChecker the engine for spell checking strings.

RapidSpellAsYouType - Spelling errors are highlighted or autocorrected as the user types, right-clicking on a highlighed word shows a context menu with suggestions and options to 'Ignore All' or 'Add' to user dictionary. Includes English/Customizable Autocorrect. Works with TextBox and RichTextBox. Only one instance of RapidSpellAsYouType is needed for all text boxes on a form.

RapidSpellDialog - RapidSpellDialog has all the usual GUI features, add, undo, options, change, change all, ignore, ignore all, smart suggestions and double word detection. Checks selections, whole documents with wrap at end, accepts manual corrections, and allows user to edit main document during spell check.

Options - The customizable option forms provide the user with several spell checking options and the ability to modify the contents of their 'user dictionary' (if activated).

RapidSpellChecker - RapidSpellChecker is the engine in the API, it can be used to spell check strings and can form the basis of a custom user experience.

Dict Manager - RapidSpell includes Dict Manager free, which allows complete customization of the dictionaries.

Technical details:
The RapidSpell WPF API was designed to provide for easy customization. The dialog GUIs can be redesigned by simply modifying the UI XAML in the VS designer, source is included in the demo projects. The behavior of the GUI can be customized by modifying the XAML codebehind or the presenter class (through subclassing).

The RapidSpellDialog and RapidSpellAsYouType controls can be set to check multiple text boxes on a form, this means that only one instance is used which speeds up design and improves efficiency.

Dictionary customization;
Dict Manager, allows RapidSpell Dict files to be customized and created using other word lists.

Comprehensive .NET version support;
RapidSpell WPF was designed to .NET 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 specification, and fully supports Visual Studio .NET 2008 and 2010.

Improvements in v2.0
Separation of WPF spell checking codebase from RapidSpell Desktop .NET product v4.7.

  • As you type checking for rich and plain textboxes
  • Simplified dialog usage
  • Design time controls
  • Custom GUI demos
  • No dependency on RapidSpell Desktop or System.Windows.Forms (as was the case previously)