About RDPCrystal EDI Library

Create, view and validate EDI data using .NET, NodeJS, JavaScript or .NET Core.

RDPCrystal EDI Library is a suite of EDI components (.NET, NodeJS/JavaScript and .NET Core) that can create and manipulate any X12 standard file. Features include parsing, joining, splitting, validation and loading. It works in WPF, WinForms, JavaScript and Java (requires javOnet) applications and supports any .NET language. Use the RDPScript EDI Language for extreme EDI validation. The .NET Core version runs on Linux and Mac operations systems.

RDPCrystal EDI Library Components

EDIValidator - EDIValidator is a powerful component that provides a fast and easy way to parse, load and validate EDI data.

  • Supports all 7 Snip Validation Levels
  • Generates 999 and 997 Acknowledgements
  • Displays the exact line of errors and warnings
  • Create custom validation rules with the RDPScript EDI Language
  • Use .Net function callbacks for extreme validation with Code Conditions
  • Validate against code lists like CPT, ICD, NDC, CAS, zip codes, states, countries, etc
  • Supports any X12 standard

EDI Document/EDI LightweightDocument - EDIDocument is a powerful component that provides a fast and easy way to create X12 files.

  • Create any X12 compliant EDI document
  • Easily create loops, segments, elements, composite and repeating elements
  • (Smart Feature) Pads or trims element data to meet minimum and maximum length requirements
  • (Smart Feature) Automatically removes empty trailing data from elements and composite elements
  • (Smart Feature) Automatically keeps track of segment, ST and GS counts and inserts them into the SE, GE and IEA segments
  • Easily convert to XML

EDIFileSplitter - EDIFileSplitter is a component that provides a fast and easy way to split large EDI files into smaller ones.

  • Split large EDI files into smaller, more manageable ones
  • Split files at the Envelope (ISA), Functional Group (GS), or Transaction (ST) level
  • Specify how many Functional Groups or Transactions should go in each file
  • Customizable output filenames and extensions
  • Auto placement of segment, transaction and functional group counts in the SE, GE and IEA segments
  • Supports any X12 standard

EDI File Joiner (X12) - EDIFileJoiner is a component that provides a fast and easy way to combine multiple X12 EDI files.

  • Combine multiple EDI files into one EDI file
  • Combine multiple EDI strings into one in-memory string
  • Automatically handles ISA, ST, GS and IEA segment counts and control numbers
  • Combine files at the Functional Group (GS) or the Transaction (ST) level
  • Creates easy to read combined EDI data
  • Supports any X12 standard

EDI Document Viewer - The EDI Document Viewer is a high performance, low memory UI component that allows you to view your loaded documents in a hierarchical fashion.

  • View entire EDI document in a hierarchical tree
  • Supports both large and small EDI documents
  • Low memory footprint, only nodes that are in view are loaded
  • On demand loading, unloading of loops and segments
  • Color coded loops, segments, elements for easy viewing
  • Supports repeating elements and repeating composite elements
  • Supports any X12 standard

EDI File Loader - EDIFileLoader is a powerful component that provides a fast and easy way to parse and load any EDI document.

  • No need to write your own EDI parser
  • Loads any X12 document
  • Easily loop through each segment to access segment and element values
  • Loads EDI documents from the file system or in-memory strings
  • Exposes an array containing all lines of the loaded EDI document
  • Creates an EDIDocument object after loading for easy access to EDI data
  • Ability to convert EDI documents to XML

EDI Validation Unit Component - The EDIValidationUnit is a pre-built Windows graphical component that can be dropped into Winforms applications

  • No programming required
  • View all errors and warning in EDI documents
  • View all EDI data in a high performance visual tree
  • Navigate to errors and warnings with one click
  • Displays SNIP Levels
  • Show/Hide different parts of the view
  • Supports any X12 standard

EDI File Scrubber

  • Scrubs any X12 EDI document
  • Fast parsing and scrubbing speeds
  • Creates an EDI Document object after scrubbing for easy access to EDI data
  • Option to scrub EDI data from the file system or in-memory strings
  • Supports any X12 standard

EDI Rules Reader Component - The EDI Rules reader component allows programmatic access to your EDI validation rule files.

  • Reads any X12 EDI rules file
  • Allow you to dynamically change EDI rules before validation
  • Automatically loads all loops, segments, elements, composite elements, accepted values, etc. into one data structure
  • Contains all validation rules and constraints
  • Creates a tree node object with EDI file structure for graphical view of EDI rules
  • Track loading progress with its progress event
  • Easy to use API

EDI Rules Creator Application - EDI Rules Creator is a graphical based tool that enables developers to quickly create or edit EDI validation rules.

  • Easily view, modify and create EDI rule files graphically.
  • Add loops, segments, elements, and composite elements with the click of a button.
  • Create a segment once and use it over and over again with Template Segments.
  • Add code lists (both external and internal) for better file validation.  For example (states, zip code, CPT, ICD, NDC codes, etc).
  • Add validation rules with RDPScript EDI language

Typed HIPAA Documents - If you've ever created an object and set its properties you can create HIPAA EDI Documents.

  • Typed HIPAA Documents remove the complexities of creating HIPAA EDI documents.
  • Use feature-rich HIPAA objects like X125010Document to quickly create HIPAA EDI documents.
  • Use high level objects like ISA, GS, ST, CLM and IEA.
  • Set properties instead of worrying about elements, positions, segments and delimiters.
  • Seamlessly use composite elements.
  • Cut HIPAA EDI development time in half.
  • Generate actual HIPAA EDI data with one method call.
  • Supports all HIPAA transaction sets.
  • Validation Rules Files to help you load and validate any HIPAA EDI file (4010, 5010, 837, 834, 270, 845, 999, etc.).

HTTP/HTTPS Components

  • Send/Receive files over HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
  • Supports username and password authentication.
  • Supports Certificates.
  • Upload and download files asynchronously.

CMS 1500 Form

  • Print Data onto CMS 1500 Forms.
  • Quickly send CMS-1500 form data to your printers.
  • Just initialize simple fields and call Print().
  • Ability to set X and Y offset positions to handle different printer settings.
  • Ability to modify field height, width, alignment, position and data before data is sent to the printer.
  • Ability to add custom fields.
  • Integrates with .Net PrintDialog, PageSetupDialog, PrintPreviewDialog.
  • Removes the need to have any PDF components.

EDI File Parser

  • Quickly Iterate over EDI files line-by-line.
  • Multi-threaded EDI parser.
  • Parses any EDI file (X12 and EDIFACT).
  • Auto detection of segment, element and composite delimiters.
  • Creates a line by line iterator over EDI file data.
  • Extremely easy to use API.