ReSharper Releases

Released: Jun 10, 2024

Updates in 2024.1.3


  • New inspection for unawaited calls to PartialAsync in Razor - When developing Razor views, it is common to overlook async method calls that require the await keyword. While your code may compile, forgetting the await keyword means ASP.NET will not execute the view and will not write the intended HTML to the response. ReSharper will now warn you when a PartialAsync call is missing an await, helping you side-step the frustrating issue of broken view rendering.

Released: May 7, 2024

Updates in 2024.1.2


  • Enhanced navigation between ASP.NET MVC views and controllers.
  • New @rendermode directive argument inspections
    • New inspections in ReSharper are designed to enforce the use of static members and correctly formed expressions with the @rendermode directive.
      • It is surprisingly easy to inadvertently introduce mistakes in how render modes are specified. For example, a developer might mistakenly pass a dynamic or instance-based expression that does not resolve to a static IComponentRenderMode...

Released: Apr 17, 2024

Updates in 2024.1.1


  • Fixed the issue where errors related to the [Experimental] attribute persisted even when <nowarn> is specified in the .csproj file.

Released: Apr 9, 2024

Updates in 2024.1


C# Support

  • More conversions to collection expressions - You will now get suggestions to convert more code constructions in your source code to collection expressions from C# 12, such as an empty array or the ImmutableArray declaration and initialization.
  • Collection was modified analysis - Added the new Possible 'System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified' inspection, which will warn you when a collection was modified while iterating inside foreach loops, since this...

Released: Mar 12, 2024

Updates in 2023.3.4


  • Microsoft Visual Studio version 17.9 and 17.10 Preview: ReSharper No Longer Resolves External Symbols.
  • "Usage of navigational property can return incomplete data" is sometimes shown when owned entities are used.
  • False "Possible performance issues caused by unlimited string length" on owned entity.
  • Visual Studio 2017 freezes when ReSharper AI completion is enabled.

Released: Jan 22, 2024

Updates in 2023.3.3


  • Rename works correctly for references between files in ReSharper 2023.3.
  • Using the search bar in ReSharper's Options no longer causes Visual Studio to freeze on Windows Server 2016.
  • Abbreviations are no longer falsely flagged as spelling mistakes.
  • String length checks for Entity Framework entities no longer generate incorrect hints when MaxLength is set by static and constant values.
  • Primary constructor attribute inheritance no longer triggers false positive warnings.
  • ReSharper's...

Released: Dec 20, 2023

Updates in 2023.3.2


  • Resolved several erroneous behaviors involving solution-wide analysis. SWEA no longer causes IDE freezes, and inaccurate warnings don't appear for Razor files.
  • The Hides primary constructor parameter warning now only applies to captured primary constructor parameters.
  • Primary constructor refactorings now work correctly.
  • Clicking on the DataTip icon for record type variables during debugging now results in ReSharper displaying all relevant properties and methods.
  • Eliminated the bug where...

Released: Dec 12, 2023

Updates in 2023.3.1


  • ReSharper 2023.3 can once again be installed using the web dotUltimate installer.
  • Native symbol resolution being enabled in dotTrace no longer causes disturbances and crashes when snapshots are taken.

Released: Dec 6, 2023

Updates in 2023.3


AI Assistant is out of preview [General Availability]

  • JetBrains AI Assistant is now generally available with a number of new and improved features to increase your productivity. The latest set of improvements for ReSharper includes:
    • Context-aware AI chat.
    • Better project awareness for AI Actions.
    • AI-powered multiline code completion.
    • Unit test generation.
    • XML documentation generation.
    • Ability to create a library of custom prompts.
  • You can use AI Assistant in ReSharper as a supplemental...

Released: Nov 3, 2023

Updates in 2023.2.3


  • The previously insufficient timeout period has been extended to allow for Microsoft Visual Studio to update its configuration after ReSharper's installation is completed.
  • Visual Studio 2022 running on ARM64 processors no longer crashes during the typing of C# code with ReSharper is enabled.