Ribbon Designer for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

Ribbon Designer for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 lets you create custom ribbons for SharePoint and Office 365 solutions without learning the Ribbon XML schema. Using the Ribbon Designer you can build custom SharePoint Ribbons and add new Ribbons to your existing projects. The components are fully integrated into Visual Studio and they simplify the creation of Ribbons whether you develop for SharePoint or Office 365.

We used Ribbon Designer to enhance our SharePoint products, and we've been impressed by the ease of use and great support.

Dirk Loehn, CEO, Locatech IT Solutions GmbH

Ribbon Designer for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 Features & Benefits
Visual designers will handle all routine tasks letting you focus on the functional code that implements your business rules. Use visual design to:

  • Add you own tabs or groups
  • Extend built-in tabs or groups
  • Customize contextual groups
  • Specify and control positions and visibility of your custom controls
  • Replace built-in controls with your own
  • Enable or disable controls
  • Handle server-side and client-side Ribbon events...

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Ribbon Designer for SharePoint released
Ribbon Designer for SharePoint released
Customize the Ribbon UI of your SharePoint and Office 365 solutions.

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Design Ribbons for
  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard, Enterprise
  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation, Standard, Enterprise
  • SharePoint Online
  • Office 365

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