About ScanFix Xpress ActiveX

Bitonal image enhancement toolkit.

ScanFix Xpress ActiveX software development toolkit, offers bitonal document image enhancement technology. Create smaller file sizes and cleaner images, ultimately resulting in higher OCR rates. Clean up images using deskew, noise removal, dot shading removal, hole punch removal, line removal, text repair, auto inverse text correction, auto negate, auto binarization, auto border crop, blank page detection, image registration, and rotate.

ScanFix Xpress ActiveX:

  • Color, grayscale, and bitonal image cleanup
  • Improve content recognition accuracy
  • Create smaller compressed files

When standard enhancement and cleanup aren't enough, and your scanned documents seem beyond repair, ScanFix Xpress is the SDK for the job. Building on Accusoft's 20 years of image enhancement patents, research, and development, ScanFix Xpress SDK delivers industry-leading color, grayscale, and bitonal image cleanup, and boasts a collection of image enhancement options.

Using the cleanup and enhancement features that ScanFix Xpress has to offer, you can easily improve the results of your scanned images, reduce file sizes, and prepare your images for further processing, such as OCR.

  • Color Deskew and Crop
  • Color Detect with Automatic Binarization
  • Color Drop
  • Image Detergent
  • Image Filters
  • Noise Removal and Character Smoothing
  • Dot Shading Removal
  • and more

ActiveX Technical Notes

  • Programming environments include: Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, and other Win32 visual development environments
  • Deployment environments include: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7; Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008
  • Sample code is included for:
  • VB6
  • VS 2005 and VC++
  • VS 2008 and VC++
  • Applications created with ScanFix Xpress (ActiveX edition) can be deployed on 64-bit or 32-bit CPUs as a 32-bit application
  • Can be used in development environments that host ActiveX controls
  • Confidence values available for many cleanup operations
  • Can be used in multi-threaded applications
  • Includes 6 controls: ScanFix Xpress v6, ImagXpress Document v9, NotateXpress v9, ThumbnailXpress v2, TwainPRO v4, and PrintPRO v3