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Sencha ExtReact is a complete set of React components for building data-intensive web apps using React. Components interact with each other seamlessly, and are professionally built, tested, and maintained. Sencha ExtReact includes 140+ pre-built UI components that are fully supported and designed to work together seamlessly over the lifetime of the application. ExtReact supports React 15 and React 16.

React is a popular JavaScript framework that offers a component-based approach to building web apps. React, however, does not include any pre-built components. React developers are faced with the choice of either building these components from scratch or getting them from the community. You can develop web applications faster by using Sencha ExtReact with React. Sencha ExtReact includes 140+ pre-built and pre-tested UI components.

  • Grid - Handle millions of records and provides built-in...

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Sencha ExtReact 7.3
Sencha ExtReact 7.3
Adds new examples for both the modern and classic toolkit, plus improvements in quality, performance and usability.
Sencha ExtReact 7.2
Sencha ExtReact 7.2
A complete set of components for building data-intensive web apps using React.

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One software license is required per developer. Runtime Royalty Free. Licenses for ExtReact include perpetual development and use rights, with version upgrades under annual Maintenance and Support...

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