About SharePoint AD Information Sync

Sync schedules both ways between Active Directory and SharePoint.

SharePoint AD Information Sync provides a short-cut to synchronize Active Directory information to SharePoint Lists based on profile synchronization. SharePoint users are empowered to customize the Active Directory sync process by configuring Sync Profiles. The AD information that needs to be synchronized can be specified by Organizational Unit (OU) and LDAP query string. Specific items with common names can be excluded when configuring the AD sync settings. SharePoint Info Sync also has the capacity to allow for column mapping between AD fields and SharePoint list items. AD sync can be performed manually and automatically as long as a schedule has been set beforehand.


Import Users Profiles to Any SharePoint List
AD information Sync enables you to import user profiles from Active Directory to any SharePoint list, including User Information List. It is easy to build a corporate contact list by synchronizing user or contact information. This capability frees you up from the tedious task of maintaining user information individually for every user.

Supports Users, Contacts and Computers
With AD Information Sync, you can sync as much information as you require from User, Contact and Computer objects, including common, Exchange and extended attributes. AD Information Sync can also identify Active Directory attribute types and map them to a compatible SharePoint data type.

Easy to Use and Sync
Compared with the complex settings found in SharePoint Direct Active Directory Import, it is easy to import Active Directory information to SharePoint list with AD Information Sync. You just create a profile and click Sync Now, and any information you need will be synchronized to SharePoint.

Feature List

  • Pull AD information into any SharePoint list, including User Information List
  • Sync data modifications from SharePoint list to AD
  • Sync data changes (creation, modification, deletion) from AD to SharePoint list1
  • Sync AD information by OU (Organizational Unit)
  • Filter AD objects to sync by User, Contact, Computer or User & Contact
  • Support query
  • Map user properties between SharePoint and AD
  • Supports common, Exchange and extended attributes
  • Sync manually or automatically by schedule
  • Log synchronization activities
  • Import/export sync settings
  • Sync user photo in AD with SharePoint Contact List
  • Identify the property type and auto convert
  • Improved performance