About SharePoint Bulk Zip & Unzip

Enables SharePoint end-users to Zip and Unzip documents within a SharePoint Library.

SharePoint Bulk Zip & Unzip provides a convenient and easy way to help end users compress and unpack documents inside the SharePoint document Library. With a simple mouse click, documents can be packaged and sent as one attachment in an E-mail message or downloaded to your local computer. With SharePoint Bulk Zip & Unzip users also can import a ZIP archive and automatically unpack contents into a document library and retain the folder structure.

Zip & Unzip
With Bulk Zip & Unzip, end users can package multiple documents and folders into a single file or unpack contents from a ZIP archive file.

Import Zip
Bulk Zip & Unzip enables end users to import a single Zip file into a SharePoint document library and automatically extract all documents from the Zip file without losing the folder structure.

Download as Zip
Instead of downloading document individually, end users can package multiple documents and folders and download it as a Zip file. Even better, all versions of the document will be included in the zip file archive.

Delete Zip files after unpacking
Remove the Zip file after the contents are successfully extracted to save space on SharePoint.

Send Zip files as attachments
Compress and send any document as an E-mail attachment without leaving SharePoint document library, eliminating extra steps and improving user productivity.

Features List

  • Compress files or documents in SharePoint document library
  • Decompress zip files in SharePoint document library
  • Delete zip files after extraction
  • Import a zip file to SharePoint document library (keep structure of original zipped folder)
  • Overwrite existing files or folders based on the option
  • Download documents to a zip file (include all history versions)
  • Send documents as a zip file
  • Send document as E-mail attachment
  • Send multiple documents links in an email
  • Compatible with Bulk Properties Editor