About SourceGear Vault Standard

A version control solution for professional development teams.

SourceGear Vault Standard was designed to ensure the integrity of data by committing source code changes in atomic operations to a SQL Server database. All communication between client and server is done over HTTP with data compression and binary deltas to provide the best in remote access. In addition, Vault supports exclusive features such as Line History and Event Notifications.

Vault Standard Features

  • World-class version control
  • SourceSafe Import
  • Integrated with Visual Studio
  • Integrated with Eclipse
  • Line History
  • Find in Files
  • Source Code Control Event Notifications
  • Command-line client
  • .NET and Java APIs
  • Ant / NAnt integration
  • DiffMerge 3-way diff/merge tool
  • FogBugz integration
  • Browse Source Repository
  • History
  • Web diff
  • Build Integration