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Stimulsoft Reports.PHP is a reporting tool designed for creating reports using a client-server technology. The PHP script works on the server side and controls report generation. The JavaScript report engine works on the client side and provides a universal mechanism for report generation on almost any client.

Ready to solve problems - Stimulsoft Reports.PHP offers a comprehensive solution to build, modify and run reports on PHP sites. Reports can be displayed in an interactive and animated report viewer.

Ready to create reports - Fully featured standalone report designer is delivered as a part of Stimulsoft Reports.PHP. The Reports designer was created using JavaScript. This gives the opportunity to work on multiple platforms without compatibility issues. The Report Designer provides a great number...

Latest News

Set Up Data Connections to Snowflake Storage
Set Up Data Connections to Snowflake Storage
January 16, 2024Product Update
Stimulsoft Reports 2024.1.1 adds a new data adapter that allows users to connect with Snowflake's powerful cloud storage.
Stimulsoft 2023.3.3
Stimulsoft 2023.3.3
August 30, 2023New Version
Adds support for watermarks when exporting reports to Microsoft Word.
Stimulsoft 2023.3.2
Stimulsoft 2023.3.2
August 17, 2023New Version
Adds the ability to number table rows using 'Line' system variable.
Stimulsoft Ultimate 2023.3.1
Stimulsoft Ultimate 2023.3.1
July 26, 2023New Version
Adds smart guide functionality, compatibility with Laravel and new tool for creating fillable PDF forms.
Stimulsoft 2023.2.1
Stimulsoft 2023.2.1
March 28, 2023New Version
Adds new Dark theme for WinForms applications along with improved watermark design support.
Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2023.1.7
Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2023.1.7
February 17, 2023New Version
Adds support for PHP 8.2.

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Single License - Enables one developer to use the product. A developer is a person who has access to Stimulsoft assemblies and scripts and uses them in application development. Additionally, a...

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  • PHP 5.3 or higher

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