Syncfusion Essential Calculate for ASP.NET Releases

February 09, 2011

Updates in 2011 Vol 1

  • ROUNDUP library function computation with decimal/negative value in second argument now performs correctly.
  • IF library function with AllowShortCircuitIFs property being set to true now behaves consistently.
  • A "KeyNotFound" exception is no longer raised when calling the CalculateAll method.
  • Evaluating a referenced formula in the same cell more than once now performs correctly.
  • A custom exception can now be re-thrown during a library function computation with the...
November 04, 2010

Updates in 2010 Vol 4

ASP.NET and WPF Fixes

  • Parsing function arguments now work when the first character in a literal string argument is a comma
  • The Concatenate function will now strip interior quotes for string arguments containing embedded quotes

Windows Forms Fixes

  • The calculate functions NORMSINV and NORMSDIST no longer return incorrect results.
  • Formulas with NamedRanges now return correct values.
  • ROUND function no longer return incorrect result.