TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition Releases

Released: Mar 15, 2024

Updates in 2024 (Build 5.2024.3.15)


  • Importing of functions does not set datasource.
  • The vertical height of long bottom axis labels is not calculated with enough precision.

Released: Mar 6, 2024

Updates in 2024 (Build 5.2024.3.6)


  • Fixed error in Surface Series Sides example.
  • Importing XML document isn't working correctly.
  • Fader tool doesn't fade in/out.
  • 'DemoProjectWindowsStore' doesn't work properly.
  • TeeChart.NET 4.2022.1.10 with .NET 6.0 Framework does not display checkbox on legend.
  • Gauge Hexagon Hand type not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed XML import from links issue.

Released: Feb 8, 2024

Updates in 2024 (Build 5.2024.2.9)


  • Created a new HeatMap series which is a x-y plot where the data values in z are the map values.


  • Annotation Click Event is not working for WPF .NET 5 and subsequent versions.
  • Fixed bug with using Darvas Editor changing color of all parts of Darvas Series.
  • Multi_Language demo doesn't update to default language, English.
  • Exporting problem with Encapsulated Postscript.
  • Possible mistranslation in Russian.

Released: Jan 19, 2024

Updates in 2024 (Build 5.2024.1.19)


  • .NET 5+ versions were not exporting correctly to OpenDocument format data.

Released: Dec 14, 2023

Updates in 2023 (Build 5.2023.12.12)


  • Axis labels not located correctly at all rotation angles.
  • Since NET 5.0/6.0 the Legend checkboxes has been deprecated. You will have to add in a Windows Form checkbox manually and use that instead.
  • CursorTool Followmouse not working.

Released: Nov 17, 2023

Updates in 2023 (Build 5.2023.11.17)


  • Displaying a Palette Legend on 3D Series causes Chart access violation.
  • Json Export failing when Tool included in Export.
  • Json export; SeriesMarks serialization fails when FollowSeriesColor set to true.
  • Clicking Legend for a 3D Palette Series provokes access violation.
  • Improvements to rendering for SVG export.

Released: Oct 25, 2023

Updates in 2023 (Build 5.2023.10.25)


  • Legend items can now be clicked to activate/deactivate associated Series.


  • Offset for images exported to JPEG/PNG incorrect.

Released: Aug 3, 2023

Updates in 2023 (Build 5.2023.8.3)


  • SubAxes editor throws unhandled exception when used when subaxes collection is empty.
  • Selecting as Flex (Flash) option throws UE.

Released: Jul 5, 2023

Updates in 2023 (Build 5.2023.7.5)


  • Chart Editor in .NET 6.0 closes when clicking on 'Series' -> 'DataSource' -> 'Manual Data'.
  • Chart Editor 'Show in Legend' non-functional in .NET 4 and .NET 6.0.
  • Panel Inner and Outer Bevels not painting identically to 2009 version.

Released: Jun 6, 2023

Updates in 2023 (Build 5.2023.6.6)


  • Setting Line Series Smoothing from True to False loses data when DataMembers are set.